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World Bank Group: eLearning Course for Digital Skills for ICT Entrepreneurs in FCV Countries

Maximize and continue the success and results gained from the previous training events ETHOS I (delivered FY16) and v-ETHOS II (delivered FY21). The two ETHOS programs trained a total of 82 teams from Africa, Asia, ECA, and MENA. Training was focused on best practices for the development of ICT innovations and for the eventual marketing of these innovations. In response to the COVID19 pandemic, V-ETHOS II was restructured for virtual delivery and has available an archive of training material. The ETHOS programs were funded with KWPF grants.

eLearning Course for Digital Skills for ICT Entrepreneurs in FCV Countries
6 weeks
2–3 hours per week
Progress at your own speed
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About this course

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Scale the scope and reach of the reformulated/restructured platform to ICT Entrepreneurs in developing and FCV countries for digital skills and business know-how development. Allow start-ups to innovate, increase market share, improve quality of service/product create jobs/value in their own environments.

Establish collaboration mechanisms with the Korean counterparts and business start-ups, and the digital and investor community. Provide an opportunity through the online platform for the Korean entities to explore joint venture opportunities in the participant countries. Previous ETHOS programs established a network and support system amongst participating Korean start-up businesses and entities which would serve as a solid and fertile ground for further collaboration.

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills: Marketing, Joint Ventures, Market Share, Korean Language, Digital Skills

What you'll learn

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This course will provide an understanding of the current global ICT entrepreneurship landscape in developing and FCV countries, as well as practical hands-on skills and knowledge on business modeling and investor relations. Through lectures and country case studies by the experts in academia, international organizations, non-profits, and successful entrepreneurs, the participants will be exposed to up-to-date content that enables ICT entrepreneurs to build and implement businesses with forward-thinking mindset and innovative technology. As time and resources permit, experts from the tech incubators and innovation centers in developing and FCV countries who had supported the ETHOS program during the recruiting process will be invited as speakers for the live sessions to share their entrepreneurial ecosystem and experiences.

Week 1: Background of the ETHOS Program

Since 2015, Entrepreneurial Talents’ House of Opportunities and Supports (ETHOS) has been the brand name of the World Bank and The State University of New York in Korea (SUNY Korea), as a start-up support and training program for developing and Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (FCV) countries.

The first In-person ETHOS Program demonstrated the power of digital technologies in the overall expansion of the ICT entrepreneurial sector, delivering funding opportunities for talented entrepreneurs from developing countries. As the ETHOS alumni have testified, the ETHOS program has successfully delivered knowledge, skill, and business connections to more than 50 new start-up companies from around the world.

Week 2: How to Build Your Business Plan

Module 2 will provide insights and tools for business planning. The first lecture is about the fundamentals of business modeling which is the basis of planning for a business. It is always valuable and necessary to have a certain checklist to make business planning complete and persuasive. Mr. Whang of NH Investment is an accomplished investor and well known for his understanding of and dedication to entrepreneurship.

Week 3: Big Picture I. Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Economies

The overall theme of module 3 is ‘Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Economies.’ We have prepared three lectures for this module. For the first lecture, Director Namhee Yoon from Impact Square, will discuss ‘Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development: The cases of Social Enterprise on Sustainable Development.’ Impact Square is an agency that aims to resolve the conflict between business and social impact. For that mission, they provide consulting and research services, accelerating and infrastructure for social ventures. The presenter will introduce some innovative cases of social ventures from many countries. This will be a reliable source to stimulate participant’s creative ideas.

Week 4: Making business in Developing Economies

The main theme of this session is ’Making Business in Developing Economies.’ To provide insight and knowledge in this area, we have 3 distinguished lecturers. First, professor Jongdoo Lee from George Mason University will talk about Challenges and recommendations for entrepreneurs and startup financing in developing countries.

Week 5: Technology for Entrepreneurs

This module will help participants understand the investors’ view more clearly so they can develop their pitching skills.

Week 6: Delivering Your Value: Business Plan Pitching

This module will help participants understand the investors’ view more clearly so they can develop their pitching skills.

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