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Chemistry can help create life-saving medications, products for everyday use like cleaning supplies and batteries, and so much more. Learn chemistry with online courses delivered through edX.

What is chemistry?

General chemistry is the study of atoms, molecules, and their interactions. Chemistry studies the reactions and physical changes that occur when compounds are created or transformed. Sub-disciplines of chemistry include organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physical chemistry.

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Chemistry course curriculum

Get an introduction to chemistry with online courses from universities and institutions worldwide. edX offers both individual courses and advanced programs designed to help you learn about basic chemistry concepts and chemical science fundamentals in an engaging and effective online learning environment. Learners can also earn certificates in chemistry courses.

A fundamental chemistry course may teach learners basic concepts including the periodic table, the types of subatomic particles, and chemical bonds. Courses may cover how to build models to describe the electronic structure of atoms, how atoms can be combined into molecules through different chemical bonding models, and how to predict the structure and geometry of molecules.

Learners also have the option of enrolling in specialized courses about topics such as medicinal chemistry. Breakthrough drugs improve and extend people’s lives in ways we never thought possible. Take a scientific look at the molecular basis of drug discovery in a chemistry course. Learn how research scientists find molecules with desired biological activity and explore the approaches taken to use these molecules to create safe and effective drugs.

Careers in chemistry

Professionals with chemistry knowledge and experience are needed in many different industries including medicine, agriculture, and manufacturing. Some career options for professionals with a background in chemistry include:

  • Chemical engineer

  • Forensic scientist

  • Geochemist

  • Pharmacologist

  • Chemistry teacher

An online chemistry course or certificate program can help individuals prepare for a challenging and rewarding career that pushes the boundaries of innovation to advance society. Begin your learning journey today with edX.

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