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Learn computer networking

Smartphones and other digital devices connect to the internet using computer networking. Securing these networks has become increasingly important for business and personal use. Learn computer networking with online courses delivered through edX.

What is computer networking?

Workplace computers need to be connected to a central hub so that resources can be shared to accomplish goals. The system that links a group of independent computers and other devices, like printers, is called a computer network. The connection between the devices is created using cable or wireless media, and it relies on both software and hardware to be effective. 

Building these types of networks requires planning and skill. Computer devices need a shared operating system, some form of network security, and internet protocols to keep sensitive information safe.

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How to learn computer networking online

As businesses and homes become increasingly reliant on technology, professionals who comprehend the dangers of cyber attacks and the potential harm of broken connections are needed. 

Those who want to understand the basics of building computer networks can explore introductory courses with lessons on networking protocols, network components, firewalls, flow control, and more. Specialized courses can cover more in-depth topics like cloud computing applications, quantum sensing technologies, and encryption.

Careers in computer networking

Computer networking skills can provide rewarding career opportunities for anyone interested in technology hardware and software, as well as the components of computer systems. Network management has become increasingly important as more devices require connectivity to the internet and other systems. Security is also essential, whether devices are connected to private business networks or public Wi-Fi. Explore how learning computer networking can help your career and begin your educational journey today with courses delivered through edX.

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