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Counselors aim to empower people to work through their challenges and maintain good mental health. Learn about counseling with online courses delivered through edX.

What is counseling?

Counseling can help people identify techniques and tools to cope with anything from the death of a loved one to the sudden loss of employment. Counselors build relationships with their clients to help them discover strategies that will allow them to better navigate and address problems or crises. Counseling services range from general to targeted specialties like marriage counseling, family therapy, or addiction counseling. Depending on their licensing, counselors can provide different mental health services in a variety of settings, from individual sessions at their offices to group meetings at community centers.

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Counseling courses and certifications

From foundational tutorials to advanced courses, a variety of educational opportunities are available that can fit different learners’ needs. Introductory courses can provide an overview of the field, including but not limited to, lessons on how to measure and increase well-being using principles from counseling and clinical psychology. Coursework can also teach aspiring counselors how to help clients who struggle with interpersonal relationships and change. Advanced courses may focus on specialized topics like nutritional considerations for mental health, spiritual competency in clinical practice, and developmental delays in young children.

Careers in counseling

Counseling can be a rewarding career for anyone who wants to help others. By addressing people’s well-being and providing mental health services to all ages, counselors can contribute to the overall state of public health in their communities. Career opportunities are available in a variety of spheres including youth counseling, marriage and family counseling, crisis counseling, and more. Explore how online counseling courses can help your career and begin your educational journey today with edX.

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