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From fashion design to video game design to product design, the creative field is filled with opportunities. Learn the principles of user experience (UX) design and design thinking with online design courses delivered through edX.

What is design?

Design is the plan for the creation or the development of something, such as a product, user interface, or software program. It can also refer to the process of creation or to the look and function of that thing. The design process requires creative and technical skills as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills. Common design tasks include ideation, research, and testing. These tasks can be iterative as the designer seeks to improve on or develop their project. Design specializations include interaction design, industrial design, graphic design, product design, software design, interior design, and user experience design.

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Design course curriculum

Learn about the various design professions and spark your critical and creative design thinking abilities with online courses from universities and institutions worldwide. Explore individual courses, boot camps on specialized topics like UX design, and advanced programs that can help improve your design skills in disciplines such as web page design, visual design, online graphic design, and more. Learners can also pursue verified certificates in design courses. The right learning path for you will depend on your professional and personal goals. 

Self-paced courses can introduce you to the concept of design thinking that will challenge you to tackle problems in new ways and enable you to design new and novel technical solutions. Learners can explore different design approaches, like human-centered design, which can be applied to develop effective new products. Other courses may focus on user experience design, product design, and the strategic application of design practice in the development of new business. 

Careers in design

Designers may focus on traditional visual arts like photography or painting. However, design is a broad field that can lead to careers in many different industries. Potential careers in design include:

  • Graphic designer

  • UX or UI designer

  • Interior designer

  • Multimedia artist and animator

  • Advertising manager

Whether you want to design a process or the product, learn how design can help you bring an idea to life. Explore how online design courses with edX can advance your career.