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TsinghuaX: Just Reading and Writing in English | 生活英语读写

Learn how to read and write in English in the context of lectures and academic texts. Reading promotes writing, and writing assists reading! Master the correct reading skills and writing skills, allowing you to achieve a leap in English reading and writing!

Just Reading and Writing in English | 生活英语读写
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About this course

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Reading enriches our life and writing enables us to express our thoughts. Being skillful in reading and writing allows you to better acquire and communicate information.

This course focuses on 8 themes:

  • learning
  • university
  • culture
  • city
  • education
  • behavior theory
  • communication
  • meaning of life

For each theme, there are two texts, key words analysis, reading skills, guest interviews, composition tutorials, writing workshops, and literature tutors.

Join us and understand the beauty of language.

As two very important aspects of a language, reading allows us to acquire rich knowledge, and writing allows us to express our inner thoughts. Mastering correct reading skills and writing skills can enable us to better obtain and express information. This course is led by Chinese and foreign teachers and Tsinghua students to explore the English world in real life scenarios.

This course starts from eight themes including learning, university, culture, city, education, behavioral theory, interpersonal communication and the meaning of life. Each theme consists of theme texts (two articles), explanation of key words and phrases, explanation of reading skills, guest interviews, It consists of modules such as composition correction and writing skills explanation, introduction to English learning methods, and literary appreciation. Thematic text modules revolve around carefully selected topics, allowing you to experience rich and colorful culture and broaden your horizons. They are also equipped with corresponding explanations of key words and sentences to make your English knowledge base larger; the reading skills module is developed in the form of teacher-student interaction. Teachers and English major graduate students will lead everyone to discuss the secrets of English reading from the perspective of learners; the guest interview module invites three guest teachers to introduce and share learning, culture and other aspects; the writing part includes composition correction and To explain writing skills, we select topic-related CET-4 and CET-6 composition test questions, each with two real student writing cases, and explain writing skills in the form of correcting essays; the English learning methods module is conducted in the form of interviews, and is shared by international student teaching assistants. English learning experience; the literature appreciation module selects eight literary masterpieces, allowing learners to explore the ocean of literature through teacher-student interaction.

Feel the charm of language with us, and let us achieve a leap in English reading and writing!

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
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  • Associated skills:Teaching, Written Composition, Tutorials, Writing, Academic Writing, English Language, Interpersonal Communications

What you'll learn

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● English reading and writing skills
● The ability to acquire and communicate information
● Culture of different English-speaking countries

Week 1 - Learning
Introduction to the problems in English learning, and some special skills in learning English efficiently.

Week 2 - University
Introduction to the learning skills of vocabulary, sentences and writing skills, and the campus life in Cambridge University and Oxford University.

Week 3 - Cultural Differences
Introduction to the gestures used in communication, and the different meanings of the gestures in different countries.

Week 4 - Cities
Introduction to London with its famous tourist sites such as Westminster Abbey, the Thames, Big ben and the streets of the city.

Week 5 - Education
Introduction to the education cost in the USA, and how students pay for their tuition fees. Moreover, teachers will talk about learning through books, and the meaning of reading books.

Week 6 - Manners
Introduction to how American parents cultivate their children’s manners. The table manners in the USA are talked about and compared with Chinese table manners.

Week 7 - Personal Communication
Introduction to the holidays, especially the individualism and the understanding of family. An article named Why I want a wife is shared to elaborate the inner thoughts of a man in perspective of a woman.

Week 8 - Purpose of Living
Introduction to dreams, and the profound influence of a passage named Youth to the business leaders of Japan.

Week 9 - Review
Exercises in preparation of the final exam.

Week 10 - Final Exam

Learner testimonials

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"It’s really a great course with such precious and useful learning materials. I graduated from university 5 years ago. I feel excited when I learn this course. Interesting materials, clean explanations, well prepared quizzes, and challenging homework and exams.”
--Previous Student: CelineQIU12

This course is part of English Communication Skills Professional Certificate Program

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