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Tsinghua University: New Horizons in Chinese Philosophy | 中国哲学新视野

This course is an introduction to classical Chinese thoughts advanced by Confucius, Mozi, Laozi, Zhuangzi, Mencius, Xunzi, Hanfeizi and other legalist thinkers. It is designed for those who are interested in philosophy and curious about Chinese culture.

New Horizons in Chinese Philosophy | 中国哲学新视野
14 weeks
2–3 hours per week
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About this course

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1.This is a philosophy course. It is a study of the world in most general sense. It is concerned with nature of the world and knowledge of the world.

2.This is Chinese philosophy: a philosophical study of Chinese thoughts.

New horizons emerge from predicate inquiry of Chinese philosophizing.

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills: Curiosity

What you'll learn

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Through this course, you will get a philosophical training. You will be introduced into China’s culture in her golden historic period.

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