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Game designers create experiences for users that combine storytelling, artistic vision, and technical capabilities. Learn game design with online courses delivered through edX.

What is game design?

The field of game design encompasses the entire process of creating and publishing games. Game design draws from the fields of computer science and programming, creative writing, psychology, and graphic design. Game designers are the creative force behind imagining and bringing to life video game experiences.

Experts in game design are key members of the team that orchestrates the complex task of creating a new video game. They are responsible for designing characters, levels, puzzles, art, and animation. A game designer may also be responsible for project management tasks or may be asked to write code using various computer programming languages, such as HTML. Game design has also been instrumental in research-based fields such as probability, artificial intelligence, economics, and optimization theory.

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Game design course curriculum

Introductory and advanced online game design courses involve more than just learning how to design a game. Courses are available to help learners begin a career in video games or advance an existing career. If an individual is just starting out, it can be helpful to build core art and design, technology, and business skills with courses in creative writing, computer programming, digital prototyping, and user testing. Online courses and programs can introduce learners to each of these areas and jump-start a career in this exciting field.

Careers in game design

There are various careers in the field of game design, including: 

  • Game tester

  • System designer 

  • Lead designer

  • Creative director

  • Producer

  • Studio head

A game designer may start as a QA tester, work toward becoming a junior designer, and eventually earn a role as a lead game developer. Game designers can come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but many positions require advanced degrees or specializations in a technical field such as artificial intelligence or a creative field like 2D design or creative writing. The skills you acquire in game design courses related to business, strategy, and design can be applied to a variety of professions outside of video game creation.

Learn more about the world of game design with introductory online courses and programs delivered through edX. Prepare for an online game design degree or chart a new course in your career. Enroll in a self-paced course today and start your learning journey.

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