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The elements of game design can be simple to learn and provide years of enjoyment, whether someone is a professional developer or a hobbyist. Learn game development with online courses delivered through edX.

What is game development?

Game development can include the creation and programming of games by a game developer or development team. It is commonly used to create video games, but this process also enables the creation of a wide variety of other kinds of games. 

Game design uses a combination of psychology, storytelling, and the principles of gameplay. Video game developers also use programming languages to implement in-game logic and UX principles to design user interfaces. 

The video game development process varies and depends on the overhead cost of cross-platform development. There are many modern game development tools to make the process easier. Open-source products for graphics, sound effects, and level design provide independent game designers the chance to break into the market.

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Game development course curriculum

Coursework in game development will vary depending on the specific learner’s objectives and experience, such as the types of games they want to create and their existing skills. There are common themes among game development that are likely to be taught in curricula, such as:

  • Techniques for designing a game story

  • History of game development

  • Game styles and gameplay options

  • Programming fundamentals

  • Game engine principles

Careers in game development

Game development is a large industry that caters to all ages and to different platforms. Open-source tools make it possible for anyone with an idea and the skills to develop a new game.

There are many careers in the game development industry other than serving as a principal creator of a game. Career possibilities include:

  • Game designer

  • Level designer

  • Game programmer

  • Gameplay engineer

  • QA tester

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