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Geochemistry Courses

Learn about Geochemistry with Online Courses and Lessons on edX!

learn geochemistry

learn geochemistry

What is Geochemistry?

While geologists study geological systems from a physical perspective, geochemists use the principles of chemistry to unlock what's going on behind the scenes. They study the chemical composition of various rocks and sediments and examine how chemical elements lay the foundation for geological events. These geosciences seek to uncover the secrets of earth's systems so that humans can live better and easier. 

Geochemistry is also concerned with time scales, examining chemical compositions and changes to help us date not only the earth's features but also shed light on what's happened in the past. From understanding the formation of basalt layers to the chemical composition of groundwater to the study of meteorites and their effect on the earth's surface, geochemistry is a wide-reaching field.

Learn About Geochemistry provides a learning platform to jumpstart your career and satisfy your curiosity, no matter the subject. You'll learn from leaders and innovators in the field of geoscience and apply those skills to your future endeavors. You'll join students from around the world and learn what you need to move forward.

Courses are available for free, or you can choose official credit for many of the courses and certifications. You'll be able to explore and study on your own time or receive credit you can pass along to current and future employers.

Geochemistry Courses and Certifications

Kyoto University offers an introductory course, Introduction to Geochemistry, designed to lay the foundation for understanding and working within the field. You'll learn the geophysical properties of many of the earth's features, identify climate features from millions of years ago, examine mineralogical details with mineral exploration, and many other vital knowledge components of the field.

You can also study the foundations of chemistry itself, understanding isotopic principles, chemical analysis, trace elements, and the instruments that make chemistry possible, including x-rays and spectrometers.

Geology courses can also prepare you to explore geochemistry. These tectonic principles, the partial melting of earth's elements, or examining the placement of ore deposits, you'll have a foundational understanding of these vital principles. 

Exploring Geochemistry with EdX

The platform provides the path for future research programs or careers in geochemical fields. Whether you're studying for fun or for an upcoming career path, edX and partners provide the knowledge and instruction you'll need.

You can expand your knowledge to the mineralogy of earth or build a career in geophysics. You can explore the earth sciences for the love of earth systems or explore the vast geochronology of the earth. All these curiosities and careers could be within reach with the right instruction. Find it here at the edX platform.