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Graduate School Prep Courses

Take online grad school preparation courses. Prepare for graduate school by taking online college-level classes and test-prep today!
learn grad school preparation

learn grad school prep

What is grad school prep?

Making the leap from undergraduate studies to graduate doesn't come naturally for everyone. In addition, exploring education beyond a bachelor's degree requires some preparation and an understanding of the work and expectations.

Most graduate programs accept graduate students based on their previous work but few, if any, offer training for the ins and outs of graduate study itself. From the application process and application materials to the execution of research for a thesis, graduate work is a new world for many learners.

Graduate school preparation

Books can become outdated and in-person courses are inconvenient. edX offers courses designed in partnership with leading institutions from around the world in a convenient online format. Students can meet and collaborate with other learners from around the world and gain access to quality education in a format that meets their needs.

Many courses are free to explore for personal growth, but students may also opt for official credit for a fee. This track offers unlimited access to the course and a certificate of completion. edX offers single courses, certifications, and micro-degrees, all from accredited institutions. edX also adds new full degrees to the mix regularly.

Grad school prep courses

Students can opt for courses to build vital skills for grad school. For example, BerkeleyX offers How to Write an Essay, a course that can teach or refresh vital writing skills required for graduate school. Another course, Let’s Get Principled: Values, Culture & Intelligent Disobedience! from the University of Maryland, offers training and background that students could use to develop an impactful personal statement for the admissions packet.

Courses such as Philosophy and Critical thinking from the University of Queensland or Humanities & Softskills from TecdeMonterrayX offer training in the type of reasoning required in grad school as well as the soft skills needed to thrive. 

Students can also choose courses based on their chosen field of study. Many offer accreditation and could function as prerequisites to advanced degrees or can provide training for graduate-level study. The coursework augments their field of interest while helping ensure that they have foundational knowledge for their graduate degree.

Acing graduate education with edX

Graduate school success is more than great test scores or undergraduate research. edX can help students move beyond their potential GRE score to build an impactful admissions packet with a quality statement of purpose and set of goals. 

Students can also prepare for life beyond the graduate school application process, building critical skills in their chosen field, filling in gaps, and refreshing knowledge. The edx platform not only helps students ace application requirements; it builds a foundation that students can use to thrive in a professional school setting. It's time to take charge of career paths and ensure a path to success.