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How to learn online

Practice new and effective learning techniques. Explore different learning strategies and develop your studying skills with online courses delivered through edX.

Why study new learning techniques?

The learning experience isn't a straightforward process for everyone. Concepts that may come easy to one learner, may be more difficult to understand for a different person. Becoming a better learner can involve using a combination of neuroscience, mental tools, and focus techniques to understand how the brain works and to find the strategies that can help you succeed. 

Even if you're great at learning, there are always tricks to help make the process more efficient and more effective. And studying how to learn can ultimately lead to professional development and personal growth that enables you to overcome mental hurdles when you do experience learning challenges. Unlock the secrets of your mind and start learning better with edX.

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Learning strategy coursework 

Effective learning does not necessarily require studying for longer amounts of time. With online classes offered through edX, you can study learning strategies and metacognitive skills needed to beat distraction and improve focus. Courses can cover topics such as problem-solving, chunking and interleaving, active reading, note taking, and memorization. You may also be able to develop specific learning strategies that work well when studying different subjects. You can even prepare for other online courses by enrolling in classes that teach techniques for online learning.

Learning for career exploration

You can learn anything you put your mind to, but an essential part of the learning process is developing an understanding of which learning techniques actually work. 

Online courses can prepare students for success in education and can alleviate the frustrations that lead to procrastination. They can also be a convenient educational pathway that allows you to acquire the training and credentials needed to help you achieve your professional goals. Build online learning skills that can help you take advantage of the edX platform and start mastering the topics that you have always been interested in studying.