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How to Learn Courses

Online courses about how to learn from edX. Learn how to learn and prepare for further study by taking classes on study-skills, learning techniques, and more.

learn how to learn

learn how to learn

Why learn how to learn

The learning experience isn't a straightforward process for everyone. Even if you're great at learning, there are always tricks to help make the process more efficient and more effective. Learning how to learn offers a path to better professional and personal development and less frustration along the way.

Becoming a better learner involves a bit of neuroscience, good mental tools, and some focus. We can improve our learning strategies by understanding how the brain works, giving us better results over time. 

Even more exciting, explorations in computer learning have unlocked secrets to learning better in humans. Dr. Terrence Sejnowski believes that this dive into deep learning could unlock the final secrets of the human mind, helping us learn better once and for all.

Learn how to learn with edX

The edX platform offers courses designed in partnership with leaders and thinkers in the field of education, psychology, and neuroscience. Students take coursework on their own schedule and can meet and collaborate with learners from around the globe. Most courses are free to explore for personal development.

Students looking for more can opt into official credit for a fee. edX offers single courses, certifications, and micro-degrees. New full degrees in graduate and undergraduate fields hit the platform regularly, offering a wide world for motivated learners.

Courses on learning

Dr. Barbara Oakley and Olav Schewe, two world-renowned experts on learning, offer a course Learn Like a Pro: Science-Based Tools for Becoming Better at Anything. Students receive foundational training in the types of learning strategies and metacognition required to beat distraction and improve learning without adding a lot of time to their studies. 

Learners can also explore tricks for specific topics, such as Stanford Online's How to Learn Math. The edX team also offers a course, How to Learn Online, to make learning in this unique educational platform easier.

Columbia University's Learning Success course teaches metacognition strategies designed to help students succeed. Students learn study skills like chunking and interleaving, problem-solving, active reading and notetaking, and better memorization techniques. Even in challenging subjects, these tips provide clear strategies for the learning process.

Better learning with edX

An essential part of the learning process is an understanding of which learning techniques actually work. These online courses prepare students for success in education and can alleviate the frustrations that lead to procrastination. Combined with focus techniques like the Pomodoro technique and focus, you'll have a better chance at learning and remembering.

The takeaway from each of these courses is this: you can learn anything you put your mind to. There's no such thing as "a mind for numbers" or "an ear for languages" when you can improve your learning strategies altogether. You can improve both long-term and short-term memory using these mental tools and science-based course material, putting your brain in focused mode more quickly and for longer. You may finally master your desired topic with this training.