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Landscape Finance Courses

Take free online courses in personal finance from top schools. Choose from many personal financial accounting courses and enroll now.

learn landscape finance

learn landscape finance

What is Personal Finance?

Personal finance involves the proper management of money and other forms of wealth. It involves understanding how spending every day affects your accounts, the use of credit cards, and how interest rates can make or break your portfolio. These concepts and others help you build a picture of how financially stable you are and how to increase that stability for the future. It's more than just how to save money, however. If you've got a family, you'll need life insurance. You need a good credit score, so you have quick access to liquid assets that aren't in your savings account. You'll need to know how much money you and your family members will need for a wide range of scenarios, including the worst ones. Even your healthcare is part of your personal finance portfolio. Many Americans find financial planning difficult, but if you're going to build personal wealth, you'll need a basic understanding of what's going on. Your financial decisions need to be rooted in logical data, but humans aren't known for their rationality when it comes to money. Make sure you're operating from the best foundation possible with an understanding of personal finance.

Learn about Personal Finance

You may not be entirely rational, but you can improve how you make decisions about your money and other resources. Learning the fundamentals of personal finance from savings accounts to budgeting and everything in between could help you build a better future and remove some of the risks. A few things are available online in simple personal finance. You can always find budgeting worksheets or advice for how to build savings on a dime. For more complex wealth building like retirement savings or other long term goals, you may need more in-depth training.

Personal Finances Courses and Certifications

edX offers a variety of courses designed to get you not only financially stable but increase your ability to thrive now and in the future. You can learn the basics of personal finance with Purdue, Tools for Decision Making with Michigan, or explore the intersection of finance and the Christian faith with BU. From there, you've got plenty of options for both simple and complex topics in personal finance. You can explore your future with a course in understanding retirement accounts and retirement planning plus other investing fundamentals with Wellesley, and expand to policy decisions with UBC. Whatever you choose to learn, can help you get smart about your financial goals and build the financial planning knowledge you need.

Ensure Your Future with Personal Finance

Your financial future is a vital part of life planning. You need to understand how to build an emergency fund, read your credit report, and minimize credit card debt, as well as develop a foundational understanding of retirement investing. Social Security benefits may not be around by the time you're ready to retire, so ensure you're set up for the short-term and long term goals you have.