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Learn about Latin America with online courses and programs

Explore the culture of a vibrant region with an interesting history. Learn about Latin America with online courses delivered through edX.

What are Latin American studies?

Latin American studies is a multidisciplinary academic field dedicated to the exploration and analysis of the diverse and dynamic region encompassing Central America, South America, and parts of the Caribbean. This field delves into a wide range of topics, including culture, politics, economics, sociology, anthropology, literature, and environmental studies, to comprehensively examine the past and present of these societies.

One of the field’s primary goals is to provide a nuanced understanding of the region’s complex history, characterized by colonization, independence movements, authoritarian regimes, and social justice struggles. Scholars in this field examine the impact of indigenous peoples, African descendants, and European settlers on shaping the region’s cultural tapestry. They also explore contemporary issues such as migration, economic development, environmental challenges, and human rights.

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Latin American studies course curriculum

Latin American studies courses cover a wide range of topics related to the history, culture, politics, economics, and society of Latin America. Introductory courses can include an exploration of Latin America’s pre-Columbian civilizations, the colonial period, independence movements, and the modern history of the region. You may have the chance to study key events, figures, and historical developments that have shaped Latin America.

Some courses may focus specifically on the rich and diverse cultures of Latin America, including the art, music, literature, religion, and folklore of different regions and people. You can build your language skills and learn about different dialects spoken in different countries. Advanced courses can also explore the patterns of migration from Latin America and the experiences of Latin American diaspora communities worldwide, which can help provide context on contemporary political and social issues.

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Why learn about Latin America?

Expanding your knowledge of Latin American studies can be useful for a variety of professional roles, such as:

  • Diplomat: Works for their country’s diplomatic corps, negotiating agreements, and promoting diplomatic relations with Latin American nations.

  • International development specialist: Designs and implements development projects, advocates for policy changes, or works on issues such as poverty alleviation, healthcare, education, and sustainable development.

  • Cultural or language specialist: Works as a language instructor, translator, or cultural consultant to bridge language and cultural gaps between Latin America and other regions.

  • Journalist: Works for newspapers, magazines, television networks, or online media outlets, covering Latin American news, politics, culture, and social issues.

  • International trade specialist: Finds opportunities in government trade agencies, multinational corporations, or trade associations, helping facilitate business relationships, negotiations, and market expansions in Latin America.

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