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Law establishes order in society, shaping rules around human rights, property rights, surveillance, privacy, and more. Explore how online courses in law can help you learn about various fields including international law, criminal law, and contract law.

What is law?

Law is a society’s system of rules and related enforcement penalties and procedures that protect people’s safety and establish their rights. Law provides guidelines on how society should function with respect to business dealings, social interactions, and more. Law has many branches of specialization, including but not limited to:

  • Criminal law

  • Environmental law

  • Copyright law

  • Employment law

  • Family law

  • Human rights law

  • Contract law

  • Corporate law

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Law courses and certifications

From tutorials to advanced courses in law, edX offers a variety of educational opportunities that can fit different learners’ needs, depending on personal and professional goals. Enroll in individual courses and advanced programs designed to help you learn about law, criminal justice, and other legal issues in an engaging and effective online learning environment. Learners can also pursue verified certificates in online courses.

Develop an in-depth understanding of international law with courses on investment law, humanitarian law, and human rights law that can position you for a career in international politics, international relations, and a number of related fields. Or explore the laws and policies that govern intellectual property with courses that focus on patent, copyright, and trademark law. In a global economy that is driven by innovation, understanding the laws and policies that govern intellectual property can help you protect important secrets that give businesses, organizations, and countries a competitive advantage over their rivals. 

edX makes it easy to explore all available training and certificate options available.

Careers in law

With a career in law, you can find yourself working in a courtroom, an executive suite, or a nation’s capitol. But an understanding of the rules and regulations that govern different sectors can benefit any professional. Explore how online courses can advance your career and begin your learning journey today with edX.