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Linguistics Courses

Learn linguistics with online courses from edX today!

What is linguistics?

Linguistics is the scientific study of language and all its forms. Linguistics study both the meaning (semantics) and structure (syntax) of language as well as its multitude of sounds (phonetics.) The field also includes phonology, or sound organization, and morphology, or the study of how words form. A new field, computational linguistics, explores how computer science can aid the study of language.

Human language is complex, and language acquisition still isn't fully understood. Researchers can explore language through the lens of sociolinguistics or psycholinguistics and even philosophy (pragmatics). The study of human language has applications in social sciences, computer science, and artificial intelligence. The field of linguistics could open doors to exciting solutions to increase living standards and wellbeing.

Learn about linguistics

edX provides the opportunity to study with respected institutions without uprooting their lives. Courses are developed in partnership with leaders and innovators in the field of linguistics, and students complete coursework on their own schedule. Many courses are free for personal growth, but students can also opt into official credit for a fee.

edX offers single courses as well as certificates, micro-degrees, and even full degree choices. Participants can forward all education credits to future education institutions or employers.

Linguistics courses and certificates

Students can complete courses such as Semantics of First-Order Logic from Stanford Online, a course in formalized logic. Students learn semantic theories and sentence construction in truth statements. 

For data science students, a Text Analysis from the University of Canterbury introduces the foundations of natural language processing. Students learn the process of analysis in Python and the potential for artificial intelligence to unlock linguistics challenges.

Students also have the option of exploring specific foreign languages, including Italian from FedericaX, Spanish from BUx, and a professional certificate course series in American Sign Language from GeorgetownX.

Exploring linguistics with edX

edX offers a path to explore the science of language, a second language, and even adjacent fields like cognitive science. Participants can build critical skills for careers in applied linguistics, data science, the humanities, and even theoretical linguistics. Students can explore courses to learn for fun or build up training for career growth.

When learners engage with these courses, they receive powerful access to respected institutions and study with a global cohort of like-minded peers. It can provide essential career training and development opportunities that students use to launch a thriving, lifelong love of learning.