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Magnetism Courses

Take online courses to learn about magnetism today!

What is magnetism?

Magnetism is a collection of properties all related to magnetic fields, a combination of magnetic moments, and an electric current. The most familiar magnetic forces are ferromagnetic, or materials strongly attracted by magnetism—such a piece of iron, rare earth metals like neodymium, and some alloys—and can even become permanent magnets themselves.

There are several lesser-known types of magnetism, including:

  • Paramagnetic: oxygen, for example, is weakly attracted to an applied magnetic field.

  • Diamagnetic: Substances weakly repelled, such as copper and carbon.

  • Antiferromagnetic: Materials with a more complex relationship to the magnetic field

  • Ferrimagnetic: Neighboring pairs of electrons point in opposite directions in this weak magnet current.

Magnetic phenomena were first noted in history at the discovery of lodestones and soon explored external magnetic fields. Ancient people used these magnets in magnetic compasses for navigation, but the understanding of magnets and their connection to electricity are more recent. Now, electromagnetism and its applications to modern concepts like quantum electrodynamics or standard theory.

Learn about magnetism

Whether exploring the ancient understanding of magnetism or applying the theories to the quantum world, edX offers courses that can shed light on this scientific phenomenon. Courses are developed and delivered by experts from around the world, giving students unique access to education.

Many courses are free for personal growth, but edX also offers official credit in many single courses, certificates, and even full degrees. The platform facilitates a quality education and career training that students can use to jumpstart professional and personal development.

Magnetism courses and certificates

Students can begin their exploration with MITx's three-course professional series, Introductory Electricity and Magnetism. The series introduces magnetic properties, electric fields, and Michael Faraday's law. Participants will gain foundational understanding of electric and magnetic dipoles, principles of electromagnetic radiation, and AC and DC circuits. 

Other courses explore the applications of magnetism in other fields such as healthcare. HKUx's course Advanced Cardiac Imaging explores the use of magnets in medical imaging and the potential for the technology to examine and diagnose. Materials Science and Engineering from MISISx explores magnets and other materials from an engineering perspective.

Magnetism is everywhere—edX can help you understand it

edX provides a path for students exploring other worlds, from the vast universe to the materials science of home. Here, students can explore all forms of magnetism and their applications in everything from quantum mechanics to Tesla's electric motors.

Just like a compass needle always points north, edX always points students in the right direction. These courses provide access to quality education without students uprooting their entire lives. Participants gain education, community, and the chance to launch their careers.