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Media Studies Courses

Learn about media with online media studies and media literacy courses from edX today!

What is media studies?

The communications outlets designed to store or deliver information are vast, but understanding and evaluating their quality is a critical 21st-century skill. Understanding how to effectively critique media messages in the age of social media is an in-demand critical thinking skill.

Media studies provides an inquiry-based model. It encourages students to ask important questions. Educators must consider media and media literacy as part of effective teaching tools, and media literacy education is a foundation for success in the modern world.

Media literacy skills aren't just common sense. They're also a big part of career success. Employers are looking for media literate people who can effectively communicate without deception. Any company can create media, but engaging with it is a different matter entirely. From fact-checking to root out fake news to creating media in a variety of forms, media literacy is an essential modern skill.

Learn about media and media literacy

The edX platform offers students the opportunity to connect with respected institutions and a global cohort of like-minded peers. Courses are developed by experts and leaders in the field and offer a quality education right from home. 

Many courses are free to explore for personal growth, but edX also offers official credit options for a fee. Learners can choose from single courses, certificates, and full degrees. Learners can also choose micro-degrees for career changes or development.

Media and media literacy courses

Media LIT: Overcoming Information Overload from ASUx introduces students to the principles of digital literacy. Learners gain essential skills in information literacy, point of view, and media analysis. The course introduces critical concepts in media consumption and builds awareness of misinformation in the digital age.

Teachers can take advantage of the course Instructional Design: Digital Media, New Tools, and Technology. The course offers perspectives in media forms, and teachers will understand how to craft lesson plans that address these different types of media. Teaching media literacy provides a path for young people to make decisions as they interact with different types of media.

Mastering media literacy

It's important to teach media literacy early so that people are less susceptible to misinformation. However, anytime is the right time to gain new skills and understanding. edX provides a pathway for people seeking new knowledge and offers a convenient option for continuing education.

Whether students choose free choices to better themselves or opt into official credit for employment advancement, edX has the right course to make it all happen.