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Knowledge about personal finance can empower people to make smart decisions. Build healthy relationships with money and mitigate finance-related problems by learning the fundamentals of personal finance with edX.

What is personal finance?

Personal finance involves the management of money and other assets, as well as the development of financial goals. It comprises banking, investing, and estate planning, among other tasks. 

The roadmap to financial stability includes a lot more than monitoring everyday spending. For example, having a good credit score is a key part of personal finance as it determines how easily individuals can access liquid assets that aren't in their savings account. It can be equally important to understand how interest rates can make or break your portfolio, before applying for a loan. 

Many people find financial planning overwhelming. It can be difficult to know how much money you and your family members will need for a wide range of scenarios, including job loss, relocation, and retirement. How do healthcare and life insurance factor into wealth building objectives and financial planning? Developing a foundation of knowledge in personal finance through online courses can take some of the frustration and mystery out of the process.

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Personal finance course curriculum

Individuals can learn the basics of personal finance with online courses and professional certificate programs. But before enrolling in a course, take time to note both your education and financial goals. A personal finance course might focus on breaking down financial policies for aspiring finance journalists or provide an in-depth look at different types of retirement accounts for entry-level professionals. Other courses may cover stock trading, cryptocurrency, or tips for setting up a business and filing tax returns.

Learn to make sound financial decisions rooted in logical data with online courses delivered through edX.

Jobs in personal finance

Learning personal finance can be particularly useful for financial advisors. These professionals provide a range of services to help clients reach their financial goals. For example, financial advisors may work with clients trying to rebuild their credit. They can also provide guidance on how to handle finances following a death in the family. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, begin your learning journey with edX today.

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