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Professional Skills Courses

Learn professional skills with online courses from top universities and institutions on edX today!

learn professional skills

learn professional skills

What are Professional Skills?

You go to school to learn skills for your job, but there are professional skills required for nearly every type of job you could have. These skills aren't always taught with your training program, so developing them requires a little ingenuity. Professional skills are often called "soft skills," and they involve things like people skills or problem-solving. Whether you're working in management or as part of a team, certain things employers look for to decide if you'd be a good fit for a work environment. Many of these skills revolve around interpersonal skills, but they aren't all in that category. Employers want people who can innovate and think critically, who may be a good fit for company leadership, and who can work without micromanagement. Develop these skills, and you'll be more competitive in your career.

Professional Skills Courses and Certifications

edX can help you in just about every area of professional skills. In partnership with organizations and institutions leading the way for 21st-century skills, edX offers courses designed to prepare you for your job search, your current career, or moving into leadership positions. Fullbridge offers a full professional certification course in business communication, a vital skill for any employee or leader. You'll learn how to get a message across effectively, how to deal with conflict, and how to problem solve through written communication. RIT also offers a professional certification specifically in soft skills where you'll earn things like communication skills, time management, and conflict resolution. The University of Washington can introduce you to the fundamentals of public speaking. RIT also offers courses in management skills for handling disruptive change. Other courses in emotional intelligence, non-verbal communication, and people skills bring value and understanding to the table while analytics and organizational skills could be the best thing to happen to your leadership model. Whatever skill set you need, edX has an option that can ignite your career.

Get Noticed with Professional Skills

The skills employers look for don't all happen through the hard skills training from your college or boot camp days. The problem-solving skills you were known for in college could be the thing an employer really needs. Those communication skills translate well to job interviews and beyond. Showing an interest in professional development makes you a desirable job candidate because you're always willing to learn and improve. Rather than focusing on job-specific skills only, expand your skill set to stand out in the job market. Your skills show your employers that you're well-rounded and an asset to a team. If you're improving within a job context, you can always learn new skills to bring more fulfillment and success in your career. Let edX help.