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Research Courses

Learn about research methods academic fields, medicine, industry, and more. Take online courses to learn how to do research today!

Why learn about research methods

Research methods are a specific set of rules and procedures for gathering and analyzing data. Effective research must follow these methods of data collection and critical analysis to ensure that results are objective and easy to discern. They follow a qualitative and quantitative methodology designed to mitigate risk or confusion and maximize quality.

Research design involves careful structures with relevant information. The first part, data collection, involves several questions:

  • Qualitative data or quantitative data?

  • Primary sources or secondary sources?

  • What kind of experiment will you perform?

Once the data is collected, data analysis involves some critical thinking, i.e., understanding and outlining how the research project will go from there. Scientific research must be beyond reproach, so researchers follow these methods to ensure that the final result is the most transparent it can possibly be.

Learn research methods

edX offers courses in research methods designed by respected institutions from around the globe. Students can build viable skills and understand how outside factors, such as participant observation, can affect the results. These courses offer community and training, as well as unique access to quality education. 

Participants can explore courses for free but may also opt into official tracks to receive credit and unlimited access to courses. edX provides single courses, certificates, and even full degrees. Students can explore new interests and hobbies and connect with like-minded peers worldwide.

Research methods: courses and certifications

NUS offers Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods for Beginners. Students will learn the ins and outs of the research process and what constitutes quality research data. The course teaches research methodology things like data collection methods, experimental designs, and building control groups. 

Learners can also look at research methods from specific perspectives. Introduction to Psychological Research Methods from UQx, for example, offers students training in mixed methods research and statistical analysis for research in the psychological field. Research Methods: An Engineering Approach from WitsX offers students the same training from an engineering-specific perspective.

The platform also offers courses on basic research skills for finding information. Courses involve vetting information sources, building problem-solving skills, and developing a research topic and research strategy. Once students can put together reliable sources and master report writing, they can present information in an academically sound way. 

Mastering research methods with edX

As students master research studies, training from edX can provide the next steps to a thriving career in a real-world research field. Learners will understand what type of data is best for their experiments, the best types of research for their needs, and how to frame a research question that will drive their analysis.

edX can offer the career training participants need to conduct quantitative and qualitative research and to discover new answers to the world's pressing questions. It's time to master the fundamentals and contribute to the world's challenges, all with the power of the edX platform.