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Spirituality Courses

Take online courses to learn about spirituality today!

What is spirituality?

Although there's no single definition of spirituality, the term encompasses the human experience in religion, the search for a higher power, and the sense of connectedness to god or the universe as a whole.

Spiritual beliefs often concern the meaning of life, and religious beliefs sometimes correspond to a sense of wellbeing. Spiritual practice and a belief system can potentially contribute to higher levels of satisfaction in everyday life. 

Major publishers such as the Oxford University Press offer entire segments dedicated to spirituality. The social sciences study it as a vital part of both community and individual experience. The psychology of religion explores its impact on the mind, contribution to personal growth, and influence on even the physical health of human beings. It's such a significant part of humanity that it nearly defies definition.

Learn about spirituality

Whether you're deepening your connection to a higher power or curious about what others believe, edX provides courses in spirituality from a number of different perspectives. You can build skills with some of the most innovative thinkers in the field and gain critical personal and professional growth skills.

Many courses are available for free while you're exploring, but edX also provides official credit for a fee. You can take advantage of single courses, certificates, and even full degrees. With more options added regularly, you'll never run out of paths to explore.

Spirituality courses and certificates

UBCx offers The Science of Religion as a starting point for exploring human spirituality. It introduces historical and contemporary theories of religion, what science has to say about belief, and foundational questions about the nature of belief and religious experiences.

Hamiltonx offers a close look at the objects in our religious traditions with Spirituality and Sensuality: Sacred Objects in Religious Life. Students look at examples across many traditions—Buddhism, Native American, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish, among others—to understand how these objects impart a sense of purpose within these religious practices.

The platform also offers courses on individual religions, as well as language and cultural studies from those areas. Participants wanting to deepen their sense of connection with a spiritual tradition or explore the spiritual development of certain groups can build a unique course series based on their interests.

Explore human spirituality with edX

The study of spirituality goes beyond the religious texts. Spiritual experiences are an ancient part of the human experience, and spiritual journeys have united or divided humans since the beginning of known history. edX students can explore spiritual life from a scientific perspective or gain valuable insight into the spiritual dimension of their own choosing. 

It's hard to define what spirituality means in a single definition, but the exploration of its dimensions can offer understanding and connection. It's time to deepen your awareness of this unique human experience with everything edX has to offer.