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MicroMasters® Program in
Principles of Manufacturing

What you will learn

  • A new perspective for design and operational decision making at all levels of manufacturing, in the context of volume manufacturing, where rate, quality, cost and flexibility are the key metrics
  • How to operate and control unit processes to ensure maximum quality using basic and advanced statistical and feedback control methods
  • How to design and operate systems of processes with optimal capacity, resilience and inventory
  • How to design and operate optimal supply chain systems
  • The financial underpinnings of a manufacturing enterprise, including new ventures
Expert instruction
8 graduate-level courses
Assignments and exams have specific due dates
1 year 5 months
10 - 12 hours per week
Discounted price: $1,260
Pre-discounted price: $1,400USD
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Courses in this program

  1. MITx's Principles of Manufacturing MicroMasters® Program

Meet your instructors
from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MITx)

Stanley B. Gershwin
Duane Boning
Sean Willems
David Hardt
Brian Anthony
Jung-Hoon Chun
Abbott Weiss
Stephen Graves

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Discounted price: $1,260
Pre-discounted price: $1,400USD
8 courses in 1 year 5 months
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