CARE: Promotion of Healthy Ageing

Learn how to promote active and healthy ageing when caring for an older adult. Explore lifestyle-related factors and their role in the prevention of diseases and disorders in old age.
CARE: Promotion of Healthy Ageing
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About this course

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What impact can lifestyle habits have on healthy ageing? Can small changes in our daily routine improve our quality of life and prevent or delay the onset of illnesses in advanced age? What can older adults and their carers do to promote healthy ageing? How can we support health promotion in the elderly population?

In Promotion of Healthy Ageing, we will explore key lifestyle-related factors that are modifiable and influential in our well-being in old age, such as diet, physical activity, stress and sleep. By looking closely at the different aspects of lifestyle behaviours and their impact on our health as we get older, we can take action and promote healthy habits in ourselves and those we care for.

In this course, we will learn how it is never too late to modify our lifestyle and engage in healthy behaviours, and we will address health promotion strategies for older adults. This is important to keep in mind, especially when caring for older adults who may need support in their everyday lives to reduce their risk for chronic and debilitating diseases, such as dementias, cardiovascular diseases and musculoskeletal conditions, and improve the quality of life.

One does not need to be a carer for an older person to benefit from this course, the principles of healthy ageing can be applied to you, your family members, your friends, or any person who wants to commit to an active lifestyle.

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What you'll learn

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  • How modifiable lifestyle-related factors influence healthy ageing.
  • How a multidomain approach is key for the prevention of diseases and disorders in old age.
  • Strategies to help adults implement lifestyle habits for the promotion of healthy ageing.
Section 1: Introduction to healthy ageing
Introduction to key lifestyle-related factors influencing healthy ageing, and related concepts.

Section 2: Lifestyle-related factors: first principles
Learn more about how a healthy diet, regular physical activity and proper management of vascular and lifestyle-related factors relate to well-being in old age.

Section 3: Lifestyle-related factors: cognitive and socioemotional aspects
It is essential to know that the cognitive, emotional and social aspects about a person's lifestyle are important for healthy ageing too.

Section 4: Long-term perspectives in healthy ageing
After learning about key lifestyle-related factors, get familiar with the topics of behavioural change and trends in dementia prevention for the long-term support of healthy habits.

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This course is developed through the project entitled “Multimodal strategies to promote a healthy brain in aging: Innovative evidence-based tools (MULTI-MODE)”, and in collaboration with the project “Caregiving and Ageing Reimagined for Europe (CARE Campus)”.

Both projects are unique partnerships of academic institutions, industry partners and governmental agencies, and have been supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Health), which promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing, and improvements in healthcare.  More information on the CARE Campus courses, work and resources can be found at