Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering - 電気電子工学入門 -

Learn fundamental knowledge about electrical and electronic engineering from Tokyo Tech instructors and engineers working in Japanese industry. 電気電子工学を日本語と英語で学んでみませんか。講師と学生ティーチングアシスタント、そしてこの講座のために描きおこしたアニメキャラクタがあなたの電気電子工学の学習をガイドします。

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Estimated 4 weeks
2–3 hours per week
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About this course

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This course introduces fundamental topics in electrical and electronic engineering including a broad range of examples. Topics covered are solar cells (batteries) and portable cell phones, applications from Japanese companies, including the high speed railway, etc., plus advanced research being performed at high-tech laboratories in Japan.

By taking this course, you will gain knowledge about general aspects of electrical and electronic engineering from Tokyo Tech instructors and engineers working in Japanese industry. The topics covered flow from introductory materials, to fundamental research and their practical applications. The lecture videos in this course are spoken in Japanese with English transcripts and all materials (slides, quizzes and report) are provided in both Japanese and English.


At a glance

  • Institution: TokyoTechX
  • Subject: Engineering
  • Level: Introductory
  • Prerequisites:

    Secondary school (high school) mathematics, physics and chemistry

  • Language: English

What you'll learn

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Basic knowledge in the following areas of electrical and electronic engineering:

  • Electrical Power, Energy and Environment
  • Electronics Materials
  • Electronic Devices
  • Wireless Communication


  • 電力・エネルギー・環境
  • エレクトロニクス材料
  • 電子デバイス
  • 無線通信

Week 0. Introduction
Week 1. Electrical Power, Energy and Environment
Week 2. Electronics Materials
Week 3. Electronic Devices
Week 4. Wireless Communication

第0週 イントロダクション
第1週 電力・エネルギー・環境
第2週 エレクトロニクス材料
第3週 電子デバイス
第4週 無線通信

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