Service-Learning Pedagogy and Practice

This course aims to introduce teachers to the concept of service-learning, and to equip them with the pedagogical knowledge and skills for planning and executing a service-learning programme to their students.

Service-Learning Pedagogy and Practice

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About this course

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This bilingual course introduces teachers to the concept of service-learning, and equips them with the pedagogical knowledge and skills required for planning and implementing a service-learning programme for their students. It is suitable for both higher education and secondary school teachers.

In this course, we have incorporated up-to-date theory, multimedia, and peer-to-peer interaction to bring our own expertise together with the benefits of collaborative learning to create an engaging instructional environment. It combines concrete examples from experienced teachers and the most recent academic research, methods, and best practice.To give teachers a range of perspectives, we have brought our own institutions' expertise in service-learning together with experienced teachers from around the world, and academic experts in the field.

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  • Language: English

What you'll learn

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Explain the concept and principles of service-learning;

• Recognise the benefits of service-learning;

• Develop an effective service-learning programme;

• Explore strategies and methods to facilitate student reflecions; and

• Design effective assessments of student learning in service-learning.

The course consists of the following 6 units:

* Unit 1: What is Service-Learning?

* Unit2: Benefits and Challenges of Service-Learning

* Unit 3: Developing and Sustaining Community Partnership

* Unit 4: Designing and Implementing Service-Learning

* Unt5: Facilitating Reflection

Unit 6: Assessing Student Outcomes in Service-Learning ***

The course also requires the learners to complete an assessment at the end of each unit and a course feedback survey.

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