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MOOC Provider edX More Than Doubles Its University Partners

Chronicle of Higher Education 21 May 2013 By Jeffrey R. Young
Fifteen more universities have agreed to offer free massive open online courses through edX, a nonprofit provider of MOOCs founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, more than doubling its membership, from 12 to 27. Read more about Chronicle of Higher Education | MOOC Provider edX More Than Doubles Its University Partners


The New Yorker 20 May 2013 By Nathan Heller
Gregory Nagy, a professor of classical Greek literature at Harvard, is a gentle academic of the sort who, asked about the future, will begin speaking of Homer and the battles of the distant past. Read more about The New Yorker | LAPTOP U

A classroom for the whole world

The Boston Globe 19 May 2013 By Cindy Atoji Keene
TEACHERS OFTEN WORRY about the size of their classes. Anant Agarwal was surpised and thrilled that nearly 155,000 students enrolled for a course he taught last year. Read more about The Boston Globe | A classroom for the whole world

EdX turns 1: Now what?

The Washington Post 2 May 2013 By Nick Anderson
Across the country, thousands of college biology instructors give lectures every year on the fundamental biochemical process of breaking down sugar, known as glycolysis. Are all those lectures necessary? Might a few suffice? Read more about The Washington Post | EdX turns 1: Now what?

College is Free!

CNN 30 Apr 2013 By Kim Clark
Two things about higher education have become clear. First, your children need it more than ever to stay competitive -- and so might you, if you need to upgrade for a fast-changing job market. Second, the model colleges use to deliver that education is broken. Rising tuition, high student debt, and stingier funding for public colleges are making it more difficult for families to keep up. Read more about CNN | College is Free!

Adapting to Blended Courses, and Finding Early Benefits

The New York Times 29 Apr 2013 By Tamar Lewin
BOSTON — At Bunker Hill Community College, students worked in small groups, writing step-by-step instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But when a classmate was assigned to follow their instructions as literally as possible, it became clear that removing the bread from its bag was an important, forgotten step. Read more about The New York Times | Adapting to Blended Courses, and Finding Early Benefits

Colleges Adapt Online Courses to Ease Burden

The New York Times 29 Apr 2013 By Tamar Lewin
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Dazzled by the potential of free online college classes, educators are now turning to the gritty task of harnessing online materials to meet the toughest challenges in American higher education: giving more students access to college, and helping them graduate on time. Read more about The New York Times | Colleges Adapt Online Courses to Ease Burden

Learning from the world

The Hindu 26 Apr 2013 By Esther Elias
On a Spring day in September 2012, Anant Agarwal, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology taught Circuits and Electronics. Unlike his typical class of small numbers, 1,55,000 students across the world tuned in to take notes. It was the beginning of Edx — Harvard and MIT's online initiative to take top-class education beyond physical barriers. Today, self-directed learners worldwide are acquiring knowledge of everything from differential equations to art history, taught by the world’s best educators. Read more about The Hindu | Learning from the world

Online Education

Charlie Rose 25 Apr 2013 By Charlie Rose
A discussion about Online education with Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX; Amy Gutmann, president of the University of Pennsylvania; Joel Klein, former New York City Schools chancellor and CEO of Amplify and Tom Friedman of the New York Times Read more about Charlie Rose | Online Education

Online Education Lifts Pass Rates at University

The Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2013 By Geoffrey Fowler
San Jose State University's test results are in: Online education technology appears to improve pass rates in real-world college courses. The university, which is Silicon Valley's largest higher-education institution, on Wednesday said its first-in-the-nation test incorporating online content into a for-credit campus-based course increased pass rates to 91% from as low as 55% without the online component. The public California State University system also said it would expand its relationship with the online course creator, a nonprofit called edX, by increasing access to the pilot electrical-engineering course to as many as 11 other campuses. San Jose State began the trial with edX in the fall. The university is also running trials with online education startup Udacity Inc. that began in January. San Jose State said it would establish a center to study new online education techniques and train faculty in how to use them. Read more about The Wall Street Journal | Online Education Lifts Pass Rates at University