Language, Accounting, and Differential Equations on edX This Week!

Whether you are hoping to brush up on your English grammar skills, manage your business' financial statements, or understand complex mathematical theory, edX has the course for you. Explore these subjects and more with new course offerings, and enroll today!   

English Grammar and StyleEnglish Grammar and Style - UQx - July 26, 2015

Grammar is how a language establishes and organizes itself. Understand the grammatical foundations of English, and learn how to improve your writing skills. This course provides you with the tools and skills that will enhance your writing ability as you critique peer submissions and engage with students across the world. Enroll today.   

Innovation GenerationInnovation Generation: How to Be Creative - UTHealthSPHx - July 27, 2015

Creativity is critical to unlocking your full potential, but are you currently living up to your maximum creativity? Learn the keys to innovation and become a more skilled original thinker in this engaging course. Your final project will put your learnings into action, and will be shared with industry experts. Expand your career opportunities and enroll today! Enroll today.

Mobile ApplicationIntroduction to Mobile Application and Development using Android - HKUSTx - July 28, 2015

How were our favorite mobile applications that we depend on daily first developed? Dive into the world of mobile application development as you participate in hands-on exercises designed to teach you the basics of the Android platform using Android Studio. Understand how the smart devices in your life operate with this interactive course! Enroll today.  

ACCAIntroduction to Financial and Management Accounting - ACCA - July 28, 2015

Accountancy is the universal language of businesses around the world. Master the fundamentals of accounting in this accounting learning series, and jumpstart your career opportunities in business, finance, leadership, and more! Enroll today.

*The second part of this series, Intermediate Financial and Management Accounting, will be offered starting July 28th as well.

Language revivalLanguage Revival: Securing the Future of Endangered Languages - AdelaideX - July 28, 2015

Language is much more than a method of communication. It helps define who we are. Today, hundreds of the world's 7,000 languages are in danger of extinction. Learn why we must secure the future of these nearly forgotten languages as you study fascinating case studies from across the world in this provocative course. Enroll today.

Non linear differential equationsNonlinear Differential Equations: Order and Chaos - BUx - July 30, 2015

The theory of differential equations explains instances from the way the planets move to the swaying of a bridge. Master nonlinear differential equations using the dynamical systems approach in this challenging course that delves into dissipative, gradient, and chaotic systems. Enroll today.