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.org FAQ

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edx FAQs

What is edX?

EdX is a not-for-profit offering the highest quality education, both online and in the classroom. Founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, edX offers online learning to on-campus students and to millions of people around the world. EdX is building an open-source online learning platform and hosts a web portal at www.edx.org for online education.

What institutions offer courses and modules through edX?

EdX offers online courses from the more than 32 xConsortium universities, along with other leading global member institutions, including foundations, NGOs, businesses and other universities.

What are the goals of the partner universities and colleges?

The edX schools and member organizations aim to extend their collective reach to build a global community of online students. Along with offering online courses, partner institutions plan to use their online courses to enhance education on their own campuses and to undertake research on how students learn and how technology can transform learning.

Will edX be adding additional X Universities?

EdX is committed to expanding the number of universities and other high-quality course builders who offer courses on its platform. We will welcome new members as we build capacity to accommodate the growing interest from both institutions and learners. Potential new members partners are welcome to approach Director of Business Development, Johannes Heinlein (johannes@edx.org) for any initial inquiries.

What is the xConsortium?

The 32 charter member universities who form the xConsortium work collaboratively with edX to direct strategy, while driving our mission to increase access to education, improve on-campus education and conduct research to enhance teaching and learning. In addition to providing online courses on the edX platform, the xConsortium is a forum in which members can share experiences around online learning.

.org FAQ - Open Source & the edX Technology Platform

What technology does edX use?

Features that are available or planned for the edX learning platform include: self-paced learning, online discussion groups, wiki-based collaborative learning, assessment of learning as a student progresses through a course, and online laboratories and other interactive learning tools. Because it is open source, the platform will be continuously improved by a worldwide community of collaborators, with new features added as needs arise.

How is this different from what other universities are doing online?

EdX is a not-for-profit enterprise that promotes the educational missions of like-minded universities, all dedicated to improving our understanding of learning and delivering better educational experiences both on campus and beyond. The platform will also serve as a laboratory from which data will be gathered to better understand how students learn.

What is Open Source?

Open source is a philosophy that refers to making software freely available for use and/or modification as users see fit. In exchange for use of the software, users add their contributions to the software, making it in a form of public collaboration. Before the contributions are officially incorporated within the primary source code, an oversight body typically ensures additions meet a certain standard of quality and usefulness. The edX platform was made available as open source code on June 1st, 2013.

When/how can I get the edX open-source platform technology?

The edX learning platform source code, as well as platform developments from Stanford, edX and other contributors, is available as of June 1, 2013 and can be accessed from the edX Platform Repository located at http://code.edx.org/

Will educators and other organizations be able to use edX’s assessment/grading software?

Our assessment/grading software is not currently available as a service. It is available as part of our platform code to developers.

My organization is interested in using edX software or the edX platform to host our own content. What level of support does edX provide to do so?

Currently, the open-sourced edX software is intended to be used by developers who will contribute towards the platform development efforts. While some edX partner organizations are using the platform to host their own content, we don't encourage organizations outside of the partnership group to do so at this point.

EdX does not offer hosting or support services beyond its partner group at this time. However, edX may evolve its participation models in the future; we may for example offer hosting and support services to interested organizations. Future releases of the software may also offer self publishing capabilities. Please check our website for updates about when these participation models may become available.