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Professional Certificate in

Data Analysis & Visualization with Excel

Delft University of Technology (DelftX)
2 Courses for $99 USD
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Learn to carry out robust data analysis using Excel. Master the main tasks of data analysis required by data-driven organizations.

What you will learn

  • Master the main tasks of data analysis required by data-driven organizations
  • Overcome data analysis challenges by learning advanced techniques and methods in Excel
  • Learn to visualize data and create live dashboards that answer business questions

Courses in this program

Courses areIntermediate.

Data Analysis: Take It to the MAX()


Data Analysis: Visualization and Dashboard Design

Felienne Hermans
Assistant Professor
Delft University of Technology

Advanced data analysis skills are highly sought by data-driven organizations who wish to harness data to improve business results. This program will help you become a resourceful and independent data analyst who can help organizations reach their goals.

It will cover the main tasks of skillful data analysts – Data importing, cleaning, wrangling, interpreting and visualizing, with special emphasis on real-time dashboards. You will learn advanced techniques and touch upon data science principles with Excel and external plugins.

This program consists of two courses, a basic and an intermediate course. The courses will engage you in real data analysis challenges that simulate the complexity and challenges of data analysts in a business environment. With the Professional Certificate Credential you will be able to demonstrate that you have mastered data processing and you can apply statistics to gain insights from data. Moreover, it will show that you know how to communicate your findings clearly to various stakeholders.

The program will suit practicing professionals who are interested in learning new techniques and tools in Excel to become more productive and efficient. Fresh graduates of various disciplines who set out to become data analysts will enjoy a valuable and hands-on introduction to this profession.

  • Data analysis is increasingly required by companies that digitize their business and seek support in making sense of it. Areas include government, retail, risk management, marketing, manufacturing and more.
  • Number of data analyst jobs in various domains, such as market research and finance, is expected to grow by 12%-19% until 2014 (US Bureau of Labor).
  • Average annual wage of a data analyst is $70,165 in 2017 (
"Working with TU Delft, specifically in the data analysis courses, has helped us to discover new ways to add value to professionals who want to stay up to date. We found a great match between the ability of the university to approach the professional world with relevant, up-to-date knowledge that can add to the skillset of employees of different levels"
- Petra Hendriksen, Innovation Manager, Capgemini Academy


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