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Learn fundamental concepts to create 3D models

Professional Certificate in
Fundamentals of 3D Visualization

What you will learn

  • Fundamentals of 3D visualization concepts
  • Concept of the third dimension to create realistic 3D
  • Principles of animation such as Stretch and Squash, Timing and Spacing etc.
  • Intricacies of a free and open source 3D animation tool: Blender
  • Online collaboration with students, teachers, and professionals all over the world

Visualizing beyond the two dimensions has become an integral part of the technical domain. Application of the third dimension is useful in many allied domains such as: animation (for entertainment and education), 3D printing, architecture, and game creation. Although these (and many other) domains are wide apart in their application, they can be best explored using a common focal point of 3D visualization.

This program offers insights into key concepts of modeling, texturing, lighting, and animation. In order to create a sustainable skill development lifecycle, Blender, a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset, will be utilized. Blender allows users to acquire and perfect their skills ethically and free of cost.

The courses in this program will include elegantly shot and edited slow paced video tutorials, quizzes, activities, and hands-on assignments.

Expert instruction
2 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
2 months
4 - 6 hours per week
For the full program experience

Courses in this program

  1. IITBombayX's Fundamentals of 3D Visualization Professional Certificate

  2. 4–6 hours per week, for 4 weeks
    Learn basic 3D modeling skills, including modeling, texturing, and lighting, using free and open source tool: Blender.
  3. 4–6 hours per week, for 4 weeks
    Learn the basics of 3D animation, including key-framing, timing, and animation principles, using the free and open source tool: Blender.
    • Career prospects for those with similar training include animation artists for various domains such as, Advertising, Educational technology, Interactive gaming and Architecture
    • The average salary for a 3D animator is $59,920 (Source: Glassdoor)

Meet your instructors

from IITBombay (IITBombayX)
Sameer Sahasrabudhe
Senior Research Scientist
IIT Bombay
Sneha Sanglikar
Senior Animator
IIT Bombay
Nitin Ayer
Technical Assistant
IIT Bombay
Kaumudi Sahasrabudhe
Freelance Animator and Illustrator

Experts from IITBombayX committed to teaching online learning

Program endorsements

The Digital Fabrication is the future of manufacturing and 3D Content is an essential raw material after Idea generation! The industry needs skilled 3D content creators to drive and sustain the growth. Imaginarium India Pvt.Ltd in its endeavor to bring fragile ideas to reality, values professionals with proficiency in 3D content creation and ideation. A candidate credentialed through any of the Professional Certificate programs in “Fundamentals of 3D animation” would have a marked advantage.

Guruprasad Kuppu Rao , Director & Mentor, Imaginarium India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai. INDIA

Ethosh is a digital experience company. We help businesses and academia communicate information in a visual form. To do that, we use Blender as an integral part of our 3D visualization process. It is important for us to have a trained resource readily available. “Fundamentals of 3D animation” course is doing a great job in developing skilled Blender resources. We always look for hiring such skilled resources.

Rahul Deshpande , CEO & Founder, Ethosh Digital Inc.

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