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Accelerate your data science career

Professional Certificate in
Data Science Core

What you will learn

  • Use Python to explore and transform data
  • How to query and modify data in SQL Server
  • Essential mathematical foundations for machine learning and artificial intelligence

Please note on June 30, 2020, this program will be retiring and no longer available on edX. If you are interested in earning the Professional Certificate you must complete the program by June 30, 2020, in order to earn the certificate.

Data science if one of the hottest fields today. In this program, you will learn key data science tools, and widely-used programming languages from industry and academic experts.

This Professional Certificate program will help you develop the analytical and programming skills you need to take advantage of the 1.5 million career opportunities available now in data science.

Expert instruction
3 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
5 months
4 - 6 hours per week
For the full program experience

Courses in this program

  1. Microsoft's Data Science Core Professional Certificate

  2. 4–5 hours per week, for 6 weeks

    From querying and modifying data in SQL Server or Azure SQL to programming with Transact-SQL, learn essential skills that employers need.

  3. 2–4 hours per week, for 6 weeks

    The ability to analyze data with Python is critical in data science. Learn the basics, and move on to create stunning visualizations.

  4. 6–8 hours per week, for 6 weeks

    Learn the essential mathematical foundations for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    • Employment of all computer and information research scientists is expected to rise 19 percent by the year 2026, which is deemed much faster than the average for all professions (source: United States of Labor Statistics)
    • As demand for new and improved technology increases in the data science field, the demand for qualified data scientists will rise. (source: United States of Labor Statistics)
    • Average pay for data scientists is about $91,000 per year, with the top 10 percent earning more than $120,000 (Source: Payscale)

Meet your instructors

from Microsoft
Geoff Allix
Microsoft Certified IT Professional for SQL Server
Content Master
Graeme Malcolm
Senior Content Developer
Microsoft Learning Experiences
Jonathan Sanito
Senior Content Developer
Filip Schouwenaars
Main Course Developer

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