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Learning in an Accessible Way: Meet Aditi


I have been working in Data Security for the last few years and realized that as cyberattacks become more sophisticated, so do the security tools. In order to stay relevant, I wanted to learn about Machine Learning and AI, so I could create the next generation of security tools.

I wanted to learn online, but my previous experience with massive open online courses (MOOCs) had been unfavorable – I’m blind, and the lack of accessible courses made learning online a struggle. My mentor suggested that I check out edX, and after looking through the course catalog, I was thrilled to see the amount of accessible content from the world’s best universities and organizations. I signed up for MITx’s Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python – and I was blown away.

It was the first completely accessible course I’d ever taken online, and perfectly coincided with my learning goals. After I finished that course, I then took MITx’s Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science. I’ve never been able to study math without sighted assistance in the past, but on edX even this math-heavy course was readable to my screen reader. I finished without any significant glitches! I also took the TOEFL Test Preparation from ETSx on edX, and will be attending Georgia Tech in the fall for my master’s degree.

At work, having the knowledge from my edX courses has helped me become a better employee. It’s given me the confidence to become a better leader – I even introduced my team to MOOCs, so training for new projects has become significantly easier. After taking the computational thinking class, I have become a much better programmer. My boss says that I’m no longer a programmer, but a Computer Scientist.

I am extremely fortunate to be able to take classes from the best universities in the world that are always accessible online. EdX is an important resource for me to keep growing both personally and professionally!

Last updated: March 2019