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Accelerate Your Biotech Breakthrough

Certificación Profesional en
Realizing Biotech Innovation — A Business Guide for Scientists

Lo que aprenderás

  • How the biotech industry works, and how you can drive innovation in this environment.
  • How to evaluate the potential of a new biotech product or service, and create a strategy to reach your vision.
  • What to consider when setting up a biotech venture in terms of team strategy, financial strategy, and marketing strategy.
  • How to navigate the challenges of IP management and regulatory affairs.
  • How to evaluate different funding options and convince financial backers of your project.
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  1. Certificación Profesional en Realizing Biotech Innovation — A Business Guide for Scientists de TUMx

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de Technische Universität München (TUMx)

Stefanie Weniger
Technical University of Munich
Svenja Jarchow
Technical University of Munich

Expertos de TUMx comprometidos con el aprendizaje en línea


TVM Life Science Venture Capital

As a biotech venture capitalist, I often meet scientific founders with an impressive academic background, lots of publications and they are experts in their field. But to turn this into a business requires more than lists of publications. This is not easy. I consider this course a great opportunity to broaden your horizon and indeed turn science into a viable business.

Sascha Berger , General Partner Investment Firm

Biospring GmbH

This TUM program is a fantastic opportunity for potential entrepreneurs to get first-hand insights into the founder-driven biotech business. You will hear from highly experienced biotech founders how they evolved their company from founding it to the eventual success of their idea. You will get practical insight and it will also help you to decide 'Am I a biotech entrepreneur?'

Sylvia Wojczewski , Founder and CEO

Earlybird Venture Capital

Academia is full of great scientists but there's a huge gap in Europe between the science which is done in academia and then products that actually change the life of a lot of people. This gap can be closed hopefully with all the information that is being delivered to you by this program. So that we can all together really make an impact on a lot of patients' lives and that you can bring the incredible technologies that you worked on in the lab to the outside world. I'm very very happy to be part of this and I hope we'll see a lot of biotech ventures in the future coming out of this program.

Christoph Massner , Healthcare Investor

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Precio con descuento: 467,10 US$
Precio original: 519 US$
3 cursos en 4 meses
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