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    6 semanas
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    3–5 horas por semana
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    $2,500 USD
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In today’s rapidly evolving and ever-changing world, it is critical now more than ever for businesses to continue to develop and innovate as quickly and efficiently as possible to maintain their competitive advantage. Through this course, organizational leaders and senior executives will master the concepts, tools, and application opportunities needed to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of their efforts to create new businesses from within their firms.

The 6-week program features three sections covering the central challenges of corporate entrepreneurship:

  • Ideation : How to find great ideas;
  • Incubation : How to develop those ideas into a business;
  • Acceleration : How to launch this new business so that it can merge successfully with the corporate parent.

Ideation focuses on rapidly finding and vetting great ideas. You’ll learn important concepts such as evaluating ways your organization can be a disruptive player and ways to challenge existing orthodoxies. This section will also provide you with insights and strategies from innovators who have successfully unleashed inspiration in their own organizations and how they have dealt with risk.

Incubation equips you with the tools for nurturing your corporate entrepreneurship, creating a learning plan, and initiating the prototyping phase. You will learn how Design Thinking can help you solve complex problems, receive best practices for A/B testing, and create an action plan for in-market experiences with your prototype. You'll walk away with valuable insights into failing intelligently and prepared for a successful venture launch back at the office.

Acceleration will provide you with a powerful tool kit for innovation proficiency. You'll start the program by identifying your entry strategy. Next, you'll learn how to make critical decisions on pricing, promotional budget, and relationships with ecosystem partners. Finally, you'll tackle the resource question, evaluate your launch team, and develop a strong set of external assets.

Lo que aprenderás

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  • Master tools to enrich and deepen your inventory of potential ideas
  • Understand how to challenge existing orthodoxies around entrepreneurship within your organization and brand
  • Determine whether or not your idea is ready for further investment
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how to initiate the process of corporate entrepreneurship for your new venture or existing business
  • Learn how to fail in a smart, intelligent way to get to better outcomes faster
  • Be ready to launch your new product or venture
  • Develop a strong skill set for scaling entrepreneurship within the organization
  • Understand how to develop the right team for your internal venture project
  • Know how to overcome the pitfalls that so often get in the way of established organizations executing new projects

Plan de estudios

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Week 1 - Innovation: The End of Competitive Advantage and Filling Your Innovation Pipeline

Week 2 - Ideation: Finding and Evaluating High Potential Options

Week 3 - Building from Ideas to Opportunity Portfolios

Week 4 - Incubation: Discovery Driven Planning

Week 5 - Organizational Politics and the F word

Week 6 - Acceleration: Rough Financials and Investment Readiness

Conoce a tus instructores

Rita McGrath
Faculty/Faculty Director, Columbia Business School Executive Education
Columbia Business School Executive Education
Patricia Gorman
Faculty and Course Facilitator, Founder and Chief Executive at KEA Skills
Columbia Business School Executive Education

Testimonios de los estudiantes

"The course was a great opportunity to not only develop my knowledge, but to also apply learnings right away in my day-to-day business activities within the consulting company that I work for."

- Danilo Don Ranasinghe , Senior Consultant at CGI

Preguntas frecuentes

1. Is an entrepreneurial venture idea required to participate in the course?

While it is helpful to have an existing entrepreneurial idea you’d like to launch within your organization, you can also use the course to better understand generally what large firms need to successfully grow new ventures from within. Past participants have also successfully used mock entrepreneurial ideas to apply to and practice with course content.

2. What is the typical participant background for the course?

Participants come from a variety of geographic backgrounds, industries, and job functions. The course features relevant content for executives, professionals, individuals who play a role in an innovation effort, and participants who might not be part of an organizational innovation team but would still like to gain the skills and capabilities taught in this program.

3. What type of content is featured in the course?

The course includes videos featuring Rita McGrath and her industry-tested knowledge to create entrepreneurial opportunities within organizations, case studies that reflect real world applications of the concepts introduced, and activities designed to allow you to achieve concrete, immediately applicable outcomes.