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Syracuse University’s Master of Science in Computer Engineering Online

Meet technological challenges with optimized innovation. Design breakthroughs in computer hardware and software systems, with Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science online.

About the program

  • Innovative curriculum: Learn to create revolutionary hardware, software, and assured solutions for an increasingly digitized world.
  • No GRE required: Design cutting-edge digital interfaces and computer systems without the hassle and stress of standardized test scores.
  • Flexible start dates: Choose between four annual cohort start dates that work best for your busy schedule.

About Syracuse University College of Engineering and Computer Science 

Syracuse University is a private research university with dynamic professional programs, innovative learning opportunities, and the Orange alumni network. The institution's renowned College of Engineering and Computer Science — founded in 1901 — features 11 master of science programs designed to help learners contribute groundbreaking technical discoveries on a global scale.

Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change and may increase each academic year. Tuition does not include student fees, technology platform licensing, or support services. Learners are also responsible for travel and accommodation costs related to any in-person immersions or residentials.

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Future-forward curriculum

The 30-credit computer engineering curriculum features courses designed to teach learners to implement high-caliber strategies and meet complex computer engineering challenges with modern solutions. Explore new concepts in security and assurance, network systems, object-oriented design, data structures, computer architecture, and advanced programming.

  • Course spotlight: Advanced computer architecture: This core course explores advanced computer architecture concepts, including pipelining, simultaneous multithreading, array processing, multiprocessing, and the relationship between computer design and application requirements. Discover how hardware technology continues to evolve and complete case studies of current systems.
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Prospective students interested in this program should have a strong interest in computing and computer systems. During the review process, the application review board will consider factors such as applicants’ undergraduate degree, mathematical competency, additional education completed, GPA, related work experience, and personal background.

The review board looks for an undergraduate degree in engineering, computer science, or a related STEM field with an average GPA of 3.0 or higher. No GRE scores required. To complete an application, you will need to submit: 

  • Official transcripts

  • Résumé

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Personal statement

  • Application fee

Frequently asked questions

Computer engineers typically create, update, and maintain computer hardware and software systems within a variety of industries, including technology, finance, energy, healthcare, and manufacturing.

While the time it takes to become a computer engineer may vary based on the level of education achieved before earning a graduate degree, Syracuse University’s online M.S. in Computer Engineering program can be completed in as few as 15 months. Career opportunities also vary based on demand in different regions of the United States.

Typically, computer engineering graduates can pursue professional roles such as hardware engineer, software developer, computer programmer, data administrator, network architect, and computer support specialist.

Industry demand remains high for professionals in computer engineering fields, particularly those with an advanced degree. For example, computer network architects earned an average salary of $120,520 in 2021.Footnote 2 Data administrators earned $101,000 on average in 2021, with 9% growth on the horizon.Footnote 3 This career success can be attainable with a master’s degree in computer engineering.

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