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Master in-demand database skills

Programa MicroMasters® en
Database Management Systems

Lo que aprenderás

  • Build design models of databases.
  • Create Relational databases.
  • Create NoSQL databases.
  • Gain experience with multiple database technologies.

Databases are pervasive in corporations, government agencies and almost any organization across the globe. A number of jobs work solely with databases, like Database Administrator, Database Developer and Database Architect. Numerous other in-demand occupations also need to have database skills, including Software Engineers, Data Scientists and Cybersecurity Engineers. For many decades, organizations have been using Relational Databases. But recently, a new type of database has begun to emerge, NoSQL Databases, adding complexity for professionals seeking to learn how to use database management systems.

In this program, you will learn all aspects needed to work as a Database Administrator and Architect and will learn key database skills beneficial in other occupations. The program covers both Relational Databases and NoSQL Databases. It also covers how to create your own databases and how to interact with the data within them.

Capacitación de la mano de expertos
3 cursos de nivel universitario
Dictados por instructores
Las tareas y los exámenes tienen fechas de entrega específicas
5 meses
8 - 10 horas por semana
Precio con descuento: 672,30 US$
Precio original: 747 US$
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Cursos en este programa

  1. Programa MicroMasters® en Database Management Systems de UMBC y USMx

  2. Inicia el 13 jun 2022
    8–10 horas por semana durante 6 semanas

    Learn the basics of Relational Databases, including how to create, design, and interact with a database.

  3. Inicia el 1 ago 2022
    8–10 horas por semana durante 6 semanas

    Learn the more advanced features of Relational Databases, including more complex ways to ensure data integrity, better ways to design databases, and administrative functions

  4. Inicia el 19 sept 2022
    8–10 horas por semana durante 6 semanas

    Build a foundation of the four NoSQL (non-relational) databases: Document-oriented, Key-Value Pair, Column-oriented, and Graph.

  5. What is a MicroMasters Program?
    MicroMasters programs are a series of graduate level courses from top universities designed to advance your career. MicroMasters program certificates showcase deep learning and in-demand skills to employers and can help you get started on a path toward completing an advanced degree.

    How to Earn a MicroMasters Program Certificate
    To earn the program certificate, learners must successfully earn a verified certificate in all three project management courses, and pass the final comprehensive capstone exam.

    From Program Certificate to a Master’s Degree
    MicroMasters programs are designed to offer learners a pathway to an advanced degree and can count as credit toward completing a Master’s degree program. Learners who successfully earn this MicroMasters program certificate may apply for admission to a Master’s program, and if accepted, the MicroMasters program certificate will count towards the degree.

    The Database Management System MicroMasters program certificate will count for 3 credits toward the full Online MS in Information System degree at UMBC(30 credits are required for graduation with the Online MS in Information System degree).

    Learn More About the Masters Degree Program.

    • According to BLS there are 168,000 jobs for Database Administrators and Architects. It is a growing field.
    • Also, according to BLS Database Administrators and Architects earn nearly $100,000 on average.
    • Knowing databases are important in other high-demand occupations including Software Engineer, Data Scientist and Cybersecurity Engineer.

Conoce a tus instructores
de University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), University System of Maryland (USMx)

Dr. Michael Brown
Dr. Augusto Casas

Expertos de UMBC, USMx comprometidos con el aprendizaje en línea

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Precio con descuento: 672,30 US$
Precio original: 672,30 US$
3 cursos en 5 meses
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