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Certificación Profesional en
Sport Business Management

Lo que aprenderás

  • Develop foundational skills and knowledge focused on specific areas of the sport business industry.
  • Identify and apply principles of sales, sports marketing, event management, data driven decision making, and basic managerial skills to the sport business industry.
  • Utilize critical thinking and reasoning skills to analyze issues on the business side of sports.
  • Apply professional development practices and skills founded in business administration and practices in the sports industry.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of common data sources, methods, and systems utilized in sports analytics.

The sports industry is one of the most exciting industries in the world to work in. From event management to sports marketing to sports analytics, this program will touch on all aspects of the business side of sports. To work on the business side of sports it requires a blend between sports management and business administration education, which is the platform this certificate is built on!

Millions of people engage with professional sports and other sports organizations on a daily basis, and many dream of working in the industry. This professional certificate program will teach you about the inner workings of the sports industry and skills needed to work in specific areas of the sports industry. Successful learners will come away with a foundational understanding of the sport industry as a whole.

You will learn what makes the sports industry unique, and how successful sport-business professionals operate. The program will introduce you to specific skills in sales and data-driven decision making, both of which are critical in the sport industry.

The business administration and sport management focus provides the necessary skills for recent college grads, high school students, sport professionals looking for professional development, or people looking to work in the sport industry.

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3 cursos de capacitación
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3 meses
3 - 5 horas por semana
Precio con descuento: 483,30 US$
Precio original: 537 US$
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Cursos en este programa

  1. Certificación Profesional en Sport Business Management de AlaskaX

  2. 3–5 horas por semana durante 4 semanas

    Kick off your career in sport management. This course explores the variety of career pathways within sport management and will help you identify your personal strengths. Discover real job opportunities and learn how to network with professionals in the field – this is where you break into the industry.

  3. 3–5 horas por semana durante 4 semanas

    As a successful sales executive, you can help fans become part of the experience, both in the stadium and out. Learn key sales and revenue generation strategies from professionals within the sports industry, which is valued at more than $500 billion this year.

  4. 3–5 horas por semana durante 4 semanas

    In sports, gut instincts are great but data analytics are necessary. Learn how to use data, facts, and metrics to identify problems, make informed decisions and propose innovative solutions to guide strategic business decisions in the sport industry.

    • Career prospects include agents, coaches, scouts, business managers, and marketing managers.
    • Careers in the sport industry see consistent growth, with coaches and scouts growing at 11%, and Sport Marketing Manager at 8%, both faster than average. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
    • Average national annual salary for an agent or business manager of artists, performers and athletes is $97,170

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Precio con descuento: 483,30 US$
Precio original: 537 US$
3 cursos en 3 meses
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