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Certificación Profesional en
Results-Based Project Management

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  • To analyze and interpret statistical data and reports to make strategic decisions in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of public management policies.
  • To identify and apply best practices for the management of development projects, in accordance with the IDB's "Project Management for Results" (PM4R) methodology.
  • To recognize the main inputs, tools, techniques, outputs, and success factors for the processes involved in risk management, in accordance with the Inter-American Development Bank’s risk management methodology.
  • Describe how to work in a context that achieves development initiatives efficiently; adapting the best practices outlined in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Sixth Edition, of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Promoting economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean depends on many factors; and some of the most important ones for successful projects are the efficiency and effectiveness in the management of development projects and programs; achieving project goals and deliverables.

This professional certificate examines the inter-related components of public policy planning, project planning, activities, management, evaluation, and project risks that can positively impact the project life cycle of socio-economic development initiatives.

It emphasizes the importance and value of being equally equipped with a critical understanding of the project scope, the project environment, and how data analysis, project management, and risk management fosters effective decision-making in the delivery of public services within developing countries.

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3 cursos de capacitación
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8 meses
2 - 3 horas por semana
Precio con descuento: 89,10 US$
Precio original: 99 US$
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Cursos en este programa

  1. Certificación Profesional en Results-Based Project Management de IDBx

  2. 3–4 horas por semana durante 10 semanas

    Take control of data and gain a better understanding of the tools used in public policy planning, management, and evaluation.

  3. 2–3 horas por semana durante 10 semanas

    Learn to preemptively manage positive and negative events that may affect the execution of a development project.

  4. 2–3 horas por semana durante 10 semanas

    A MOOC developed in collaboration with the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF). Learn best practices for managing projects that promote economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    • Professionals with responsibilities in planning, budgeting financial manage, procurement, risk management, information management, monitoring and evaluation of projects financed with national, international and development agency resources.
    • Professionals with responsibilities in risk management in development projects, involving processes such as identifying, recording, analyzing, planning responses, and monitoring risks.
    • Project management and coordination roles in varied public institutions with responsibilities in the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies. As well as the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects.

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Precio con descuento: 89,10 US$
Precio original: 99 US$
3 cursos en 8 meses
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