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Strategic Human Resources Management

Lo que aprenderás

  • How to analyse and improve your own HR leadership competencies, and identify opportunities to the unlock vast potential of your organization’s HR management function.
  • The key trends affecting the future of work, the HR field, and global HR strategies.
  • The factors that contribute to effective people and talent management strategies.
  • The key components of a robust diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) measurement and reporting framework, as well as effective DEI intervention approaches.
  • How to evaluate and improve people analytics and reporting mechanisms, by harnessing relevant datasets.

This Human Resources (HR) Management Professional Certificate is an exciting developmental opportunity for any working professional who wants to improve their understanding of core Human Resource Management (HRM) practices and apply key competencies for optimal organizational performance.

The course series will expose people management practitioners (from any field or industry) to Strategic HR Management as a fascinating, practice-based and evolving field in the broader discipline of Industrial Psychology.

For those already practicing in the HR field and/or in HR departments, this course will expand your understanding of the strategic management dimension of your role.

It will draw from the Strategic Human Resources Postgraduate Qualification at Stellenbosch University, supplemented with further practitioner-based perspectives on the Strategic HR function. It will equip you with a range of practical people management skills; whether you are an early HR career professional seeking better career prospects, a middle manager seeking to adopt a more strategic process to the HR development planning of your role, or an executive looking to improve your understanding about the crucial dimensions of HR.

Participants will use knowledge acquired from this certificate as a springboard on which to build concrete mechanisms for the organization’s existing People Strategy and nestle HR securely within the organization’s overall strategic goals and plans. Conversely, the organizational goals and strategies may be optimized, or even rewired, by the strategic approach that might become available to you during the course.

This learning experience can help you contribute to the overall resilience of your organization, as you learn how to align your peers’, colleagues’, or management team’s – perspectives about the strategic value of HR management.

Decision-makers can expect an improved awareness of how data and analytics can help shape people management strategies, from the global level (e.g., 4IR, AI, The Great Resignation, gig economy, employee benefits, recessions and inflation, post pandemic HR trends) to the local level (e.g., labor relations, employee relations, unions).

Further, for any up-and-coming leader or manager, the course will expose you to new ideas to foster a culture of learning and professional development in your organization, by applying the strategic principles of talent management.

Prospective participants without opportunity to study full-time but want to stay in tune with strategic considerations of HR, will benefit from this compact, flexible learning offering.

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4 cursos de capacitación
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2 meses
5 - 8 horas por semana
Precio con descuento: 536,40 US$
Precio original: 596 US$
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Cursos en este programa

  1. Certificación Profesional en Strategic Human Resources Management de StellenboschX

  2. 5–8 horas por semana durante 2 semanas

    This introductory course will introduce the learner to ‘strategic HR’ as a key, value-adding function in the organization – helping it to achieve its business objectives. It will unpack key concepts from a strategic HR point of view, such as ‘ethics and governance’, ‘HR risk management’ and a ‘digital HR strategy’. Finally, it will consider the future of work and what a global HR strategy entails.

  3. 5–8 horas por semana durante 2 semanas

    This course will facilitate learners' understanding of how to adopt a strategic approach to talent management. Led by Dr Shayne Roux, an experienced and recognized HR industry practitioner and Stellenbosch University lecturer, this engaging, self-paced course will explore a strategic approach to talent management, including learning and development as a means to enhance the knowledge, practical skills and professional experiences of individuals and teams in the workplace.

  4. 5–8 horas por semana durante 2 semanas

    Gain an in-depth understanding and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. You will be equipped with a practical DEI action plan to promote innovation and retain talent in your organization. Not only will you be prepared to apply the concepts in the workplace, but you will be equipped with relevant professional skills to navigate your personal development relating to the promotion of inclusive relationships.

  5. 5–8 horas por semana durante 2 semanas

    One of the most critical challenges Human Resource (HR) professionals grapple with during these unprecedented times is whether human capital solutions enable managerial decision-making and enhance the value of people’s intangible assets. This course provides participants with data-driven and evidence-based decision-making competencies required to analyse the contribution of human capital to the business.

    • Early HR career professionals: For early career HR professionals seeking to pursue a more managerial role, this course provides you with the skills and knowledge to explore more strategic aspects of your professional practice.
    • Middle managers: The course is set to enhance your upward career trajectory, by enhancing your people management skills. It will challenge you to assess your own understanding of HR management.
    • Executives, senior administrators and other senior managers: Continually improving your understanding of the strategic dimensions of HR will boost the career trajectory of any professional in a senior management position.
    • Professionals at career crossroads: This course will provide you with insights into Strategic HR Management as a fascinating, practice-based and evolving field in the broader discipline of Industrial Psychology.

Conoce a tus instructores
de Stellenbosch University (StellenboschX)

Jacques Pienaar
Stellenbosch University
Menanteau Beukes
Stellenbosch University
Shayne Roux
Stellenbosch University
Mpho Magau
Stellenbosch University

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Precio con descuento: 536,40 US$
Precio original: 596 US$
4 cursos en 2 meses
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