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Learn to design, execute and optimize animal breeding

Certificación Profesional en
Animal Breeding and Genetics

Lo que aprenderás

  • Describe the steps that need to be taken when setting up a breeding program.
  • Describe how selection and genomic tools can be used to alleviate the effect of monogenic recessive diseases.
  • Calculate family relationships and inbreeding coefficients in pedigrees and predict the rate of inbreeding for simple situations.
  • Explain how family relationships between individuals can be used to estimate breeding values and describe the consequences of different selection and mating strategies for the response to selection.
  • Describe how running breeding programs can be evaluated in terms of response to selection and genetic diversity.
  • Describe how dissemination of improved animal populations to end-users takes place, and why this differs among animal species.
  • Gain the tools and insights to improve production and work towards a healthy population.

In this Professional Certificate Program, the focus is on the design, the set-up, execution and optimization of animal breeding programs, genetic improvement and conservation of genetic diversity.

Follow this program and learn what the key factors are for improving and increasing productivity and learn what it takes to create and maintain a healthy and strong population.

You will learn about the basic principles of population, quantitative and molecular genetics. Biological aspects are integrated in the courses by the many hands-on assignments as well. Professionals working with animals will be able to use the knowledge from these courses to understand the impact of breeding on animal populations and to use genetic principles to make their decisions. Furthermore, following this program will give you an advanced starting point for further studies, such as MSc. level courses in animal breeding.

For who

Although this course is open to everyone, it is particular useful for breeders of:

  • Cows
  • Poultry/Chicken
  • Horses
  • Pigs/Swine
  • Dogs
  • Sheep
  • Fish
  • Shrimp

This program is a great step towards understanding the principles of animal breeding and the sector. Depending upon the animal industry of interest, animal scientists can work in jobs such as cattle breed association representative, dairy industry breeding consultant and/or company representative for Artificial Insemination (AI) companies. Or you can be working for a private breeding company in the case of the swine, poultry and aquaculture industries. In fact, some scientists with experience in animal breeding and genetics go on to work for plant breeding companies.

Join this Professional Certificate Program made by top-experts from Wageningen University & Research, ranked #1 for agricultural sciences in the NTU ranking. By joining the program, you become part of the growing community of students that are trained at the Animal Breeding and Genomics Group, which is the centre of excellence for all national and international animal breeding and genomics activities of Wageningen University & Research. The centre is a preferred knowledge and business partner for many national and international clients from both the public and private sector. This includes breeding organisations in commercial and non-commercial livestock, pet animals and horses, the EU and national and foreign governments.

A program subscription gives you full verified access to all courses and materials within the program you’ve enrolled in, for as long as your subscription is active. Monthly subscription pricing can help you manage your enrollment costs — instead of paying more up front, you pay a smaller amount per month for only as long as you need access. You can cancel your subscription at any time for no additional fee.

Capacitación de la mano de expertos
2 cursos de capacitación
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3 meses
4 - 6 horas por semana
$79 al mes
Después de la prueba gratuita de 7 días

Cursos en este programa

  1. Certificación Profesional en Animal Breeding and Genetics de WageningenX

  2. 4–6 horas por semana durante 6 semanas

    Understand the genetic and statistic principles that enable responsible animal breeding. Learn how to set up a breeding programme and apply genetic models and tools to predict the breeding value. Subscribe to this online course now.

  3. 4–6 horas por semana durante 6 semanas

    Learn how to evaluate an ongoing breeding programme in terms of both genetic progress and genetic diversity, and how to translate that genetic progress from the breeding programme to the farmer’s work.

    • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (United States), career opportunities for the category of animal scientists and other agricultural scientists will continue to grow by about 13 percent over the decade from 2010 to 2020.
    • There is an urgent need for young professionals with up-to-date knowledge in animal breeding programmes.
    • Career opportunities are especially high for working with commercial breeding companies, but job opportunities are also with CGIAR institutes involved in plant and animal breeding & in local government, especially in conservation of genetic biodiversity.
    • Animal geneticists may also find work with a variety of employers such as animal production facilities, pharmaceutical companies, private corporations, research labs, zoos, hatcheries, the federal government, or colleges and universities.
    • Aquaculture is the fastest growing livestock production area and there is a high demand for animal breeders that can design tailor-made breeding programs.

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de Wageningen University & Research (WageningenX)

Expertos de WageningenX comprometidos con el aprendizaje en línea


The mission of Hendrix Genetics is to help the world meet a growing demand for food by supporting the animal protein value chain with innovative and sustainable genetic solutions. Research and development leading to improved animal performance is central for realizing this our mission. Animal breeding is a knowledge intensive activity which requires qualified people. We are, therefore, very pleased that Wageningen University developed an on-line learning course. The Professional Certificate Programme Animal Breeding and Genetics helps to train the people that can play an active role in the further development of livestock and aquaculture genetic improvement programmes.

Johan van Arendonk , Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Hendrix Genetics

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