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Cursos en línea gratuitos de SDG Academy

The SDG Academy creates and curates graduate-level courses on sustainable development for learners around the world. From sustainable cities to human rights to climate action, each of our courses addresses the fundamental challenge facing our world today: How do people, communities, businesses and governments coexist, cooperate and collaborate to save the one planet we have? The SDG Academy's courses are fully interactive, so you can meet, debate and learn from both our global faculty of sustainable development experts and your fellow learners. Learn more about the SDG Academy – an initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. edX offers financial assistance for learners who want to earn Verified Certificates but who may not be able to afford the fee. To learn more about this financial assistance program or submit an application, follow this link.

محصلانی که در افغانستان اقامت دارند و می‌خواهند سرتفکیت تایید‌شده‌ی Xde را بدست آورند، آکادمی GDS تماس بگیرند و برای سپری کردن دوره‌های آموزشی رایگان درخواست دهند.

Cursos MOOC de SDG Academy

Busca cursos en línea gratis de diferentes temas. Puedes asistir a los cursos de SDG Academy como asistente de forma gratuita o puedes optar por recibir un Certificado Verificado por muy poco dinero. Selecciona uno de los siguientes cursos para obtener más información.