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IBM: DevOps Basics for Everyone

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This course is intended to help launch your career as a DevOps Professional. In this course you will learn to think, work, organize and measure DevOps - skills that you can use to build better products.

DevOps Basics for Everyone
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About this course

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The DevOps Basics for Everyone course explores DevOps as a cultural movement. By thinking from a DevOps perspective, you will be able to build better products for your customer. This course provides views of DevOps from both a business perspective and as a DevOps engineer.

You will learn about building a business case for DevOps, the essentials of DevOps, and receive a brief history of DevOps. Additionally, new ways of thinking, working, organizing, and measuring to fully gain the benefits of DevOps methodologies will also be taught.

You will learn how breaking down silos and organizing developers and operators into single cross-functional teams is necessary for truly adopting DevOps. Having everyone contributing and being responsible is at the core of being successful at applying DevOps.

You will see how building a culture of shared responsibility and transparency is the foundation of every high performing DevOps team.

Exploring the key concepts of infrastructure for DevOps Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is taught during this course. You will be able to use actionable measures that apply directly to decision making that will ultimately result in continuous improvement.

The course wraps up with a case study of a DevOps scenario for you to test and apply your newly acquired DevOps knowledge.

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  • Associated skills:Infrastructure, Business Case, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Decision Making, Continuous Integration

What you'll learn

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  • Describe how working in a DevOps environment requires a different set of behaviors.
  • List the DevOps culture’s benefits, and the associated skills, technology, tools, processes, methodologies, and metrics.
  • Explain how to build a culture of shared responsibility, transparency, and embracing failure using DevOps methodology and principles.
  • Summarize the core concepts of DevOps, Delivery, Infrastructure as Code, Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development.
  • Define how to implement guiding principles including software engineering fundamentals, infrastructure, microservices, automated deployments, and building resilient code.
  • Identify the organizational impact of DevOps by breaking down silos, working in cross functional teams, sharing responsibilities, and creating a blameless environment.

Module 1: Overview of DevOps ****

* Business Case for DevOps

* DevOps Adoption

* Definition of DevOps

* Essential Characteristics of DevOps

* Leading up to DevOps

* XP, Agile, and Beyond

* A Brief History of DevOps

Module 2: Thinking DevOps

* Social Coding Principles

* Git Repository Guidelines

* Working in Small Batches

* Minimum Viable Product

* Test Driven Development

* Behavior Driven Development

* Cloud Native Microservices

* Designing for Failure

Module 3: Working DevOps

* Taylorism and Working in Silos

* Software Engineering vs Civil Engineering

* Required DevOps Behaviors

* Infrastructure as Code

* Continuous Integration

* Continuous Delivery

Module 4: Organizing for DevOps

* Organizational Impact of DevOps

* There is no DevOps Team

* Everyone is Responsible for Success

Module 5: Measuring DevOps

* Rewarding for "A" while hoping for "B"

* Vanity Metrics vs Actionable Metrics

* How to measure your culture

* DevOps maturity in your organization

* Comparison of DevOps to SRE

Module 6: Honors Final Project

This course is part ofDevOps and Software Engineering Professional Certificate Program

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