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HKUx: Digital Currency

Discover the technologies underlying the future of money.

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About this course

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Our world is witnessing a revolutionary change in the way we perceive money and the way we conduct financial transactions. Numerous prominent cities around the world have adopted digital currency. But what is digital currency exactly? How does it function? And most importantly, how can we guarantee its security for global users?

Would Cryptocurrency, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and Stablecoins constitute the future of money? CBDC is the digital form of a country's central-bank-issued fiat currency; however, only eleven countries have adopted CBDCs to date. Why is CBDC significant, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of instituting a national digital currency? An important type of Stablecoins is privately issued digital currencies that are pegged to a fiat currency (i.e. USD). Can Stablecoins and CBDCs coexist? Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a number of other cryptocurrencies use decentralized blockchain technology to process and record transactions in order to assure transaction immutability and traceability. But is blockchain technology essential for digital currencies? How can users' privacy be protected, and what technologies can be utilized to increase the safety of digital currency?

In this course, you will learn from three prominent FinTech leaders and academics, including Professor SM Yiu of the HKU Department of Computer Science, Professor Douglas Arner of the HKU Department of Law, and Dr. John Yuen of the HKU Department of Computer Science, who will share some great insights on the e-Money and e-Payment technology infrastructures and regulatory landscape that are currently driving digital currency.

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What you'll learn

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After completing this course the learner will be able to:

  • Define what digital currency is.
  • Understand the possible infrastructures for a digital currency.
  • Identify opportunities and risks associating with Cryptocurrency, CBDC and Stablecoin technology.
  • Discuss the ramifications of technology advances that are relevant to CBDCs and electronic payment instruments as a means of payment and exchange.
  • Discuss and evaluate the security and privacy regulation of digital currency in the technology standpoint.
  • Discuss and evaluate the security and privacy regulation of digital currency from a legal standpoint.

This course is part of FinTech Technologies I Professional Certificate Program

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