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The Future Of Affordable Higher Education Is Here | HuffPost Rise

Huffington Post 8 Jul 2016 By Huffington Post Rise
Anant Agarwal, MIT Professor and CEO of edX, explains why he believes using new technology is the key to providing affordable higher education for everyone. Read more about [field_news_headline_1]
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3 Ways Online Courses Can Help Jumpstart Your Career 4 May 2016 By Scott Santoro
With tech sector job growth projected to increase by 22% through 2020, you may be preparing for your big break into tech. The question is: where should you turn if you don’t have quite enough experience for the position you want? Read more about [field_news_headline_1]

edX Bullish on India, Expands to Accelerate Growth and Further Mission in Region

edX 4 May 2016 By edX
EdX, the nonprofit online learning destination founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), recognizing India as a high-priority market for online education, reinforces its commitment to the region by expanding operations. Read more about [field_news_headline_1]

2016 Winners announced for The Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education

McGraw Hill Education 3 Mar 2016 By McGraw Hill Education
Today the winners were announced for the 2016 Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education, which honors innovation and has become one of the most prestigious educational awards since its founding in 1988. The Prize recognizes outstanding individuals who have dedicated themselves to improving education through new approaches and whose accomplishments are making a difference today. Honorees receive an award of $50,000. Read more about [field_news_headline_1]
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Thousands of Refugees to Receive College Credit Online through edX Partnership with Kiron

edX 18 Feb 2016 By edX Staff
Free Verified Certificates for courses offered on will be applicable toward on-campus degrees provided through Kiron's university campus partners.
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edX 6 Jan 2016 By edX
Outstanding 7th grade students from families with financial need can earn special consideration for a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship if they complete a free college class offered by online course provider edX, the two nonprofit organizations announced today.  
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What will you learn this year? 3 ways to use MOOCs in 2016

No-Pay MBA 4 Jan 2016 By Laurie Pickard
Apparently MOOC platform edX’s new year’s resolution was to create a ton of new business and management content. edX has a bunch of great courses coming online in the new year, including some on specialized topics that aren’t covered on other platforms. Read more about [field_news_headline_1]
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3 Online Learning Platforms That Can Help You Develop Your Ideal Work-Life Balance

Entrepreneur 4 Dec 2015 By Peter Daisyme
If you feel like you’re always struggling to balance your work and personal life, you are not alone. Here are three top online training platforms that offer courses that have helped me over the years to find a better work-life balance. Read more about [field_news_headline_1]

Online courses + time on campus = a new path to an MIT master’s degree

MIT News 7 Oct 2015 By edX Staff
MIT announced today a pilot program allowing learners worldwide to take a semester’s worth of courses in its top-ranked, one-year Supply Chain Management (SCM) master’s program completely online, then complete an MIT master’s degree by spending a single semester on campus. Read more about [field_news_headline_1]
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6 edX Courses That Can Change Your Financial Future — Led by the World’s Top Professors, For Free 21 Jul 2015 By Ashley Dull
If advice and guidance from world-renowned experts in the finance, economic and accounting industries were free, do you think more people would have better control over their finances? The folks at certainly think so, which is why they created an online learning destination for anyone with an internet connection to gain greater access to higher education, whether within finance or any other topic of interest. Read more about [field_news_headline_1]