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What is Poetry? An Introduction to Literary Analysis

Understand the basics of poetry analysis and learn key skills for studying English literature by exploring a variety of texts.

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What are the different ways you can understand a poem? How do different elements of a poem work together? What difference does context make to literature?

Get answers to these questions and more with this course introducing poetry analysis and literary analysis.

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  • Idioma: English
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You will examine a variety of texts written in different genres in order to develop an understanding of how writers deploy language to convey their ideas. You will develop fundamental skills in literary analysis, preparing you for further study of literature and creative writing.

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Week 1: What is poetry?

Where can poetry be found, and do we like it? Is poetry old and irrelevant? Was it ever relevant? Let's put some historical examples under the microscope to find out.

Week 2: Carpe Diem!

Poetry has power, but does it have enough power to actually change things? Can a poem make a person stand up and take action?

Week 3: Storytelling

Poetry can make words dance and sing, sure. What happens, however, when a poem tells a story? How does poetry immerse us in another world?

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