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AnahuacX: Arquitectura de la información y datos digitales

Propose projects based on integrating the technological infrastructure required for socio-digital interaction and the use of digital data.

Arquitectura de la información y datos digitales
4 semanas
4–5 horas por semana
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Understanding digital data improves communication strategy

Strategic communication in a digital context follows a comprehensive perspective that involves considering activities focused on the construction of content based on mechanisms of analysis, organization and structuring of information flows provided by target audiences while implementing digital tools that favor the construction. of websites based on multi-platform interactivity strategies that favor the user experience and communication between the site and the audiences.

In this sense, in the Information Architecture and Digital Data course you will learn to design socio-digital content plans from considering the integration of SEO positioning that will allow you to write strategically for organic positioning purposes in addition to considering logical interfaces that provide audiences with intuitive navigation, as well as a simple and functional overall information recognition experience.

Creativity improves usability and user experience

Likewise, you will learn about the creative methodologies used for the implementation of digital concepts that include the construction of usability diagrams, labeling systems, writing based on objectives and search types, paid positioning based on SEM as well as the structuring of the information architecture and interface through the strategic choice of multimedia content (text, image, videos and audio). Positively impacting the communication strategy by choosing a content management system, its own infrastructure or a hybrid model.

A database promotes the understanding of digital information and data

At the end of the course you will be able to organize communication and digital marketing plans, structuring comprehensive projects that transversally contemplate sales, positioning and construction of a relevant database for the systematization of future decision-making objectives. This will positively impact the usability of the site and the construction of a digital constellation designed for interactive and non-interactive information systems from user needs and site objectives to visual design, as well as the requirements of the information itself.

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  • Idioma: Español
  • Transcripción de video: Español
  • Habilidades asociadas:Visual Design, Content Management Systems, User Experience, Intuitive Navigation, Integration, Search Engine Marketing, Infrastructure, Writing, Digital Data, Usability, Multimedia, Sales, Digital Marketing, Packaging And Labeling, Communications, Search Engine Optimization, Information Architecture, Marketing, Communication Strategies, Decision Making, Digital Content, Information Systems, Target Audience

Lo que aprenderás

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  • Recognize the technological pillars of information architecture in the context of digital evolution, as well as the immersive multiliteracy elements in the digital age.
  • Identify the labeling code elements for positioning in search engines based on the design of the information architecture.
  • Build business models based on the value proposition of technological immersion, the attention economy and the sociocultural needs derived from virtuality.

Plan de estudios

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1. Digital environment

  • Evolution of the digital context and web pages.
  • Prosumidores y Pro Ad Users
  • Off and online channels
  • Crusade strategies

2. Point of sale planning

  • Analog User Path Map
  • Detection of touch points and attention points
  • User experience and usability
  • Adaptation of the business model to the digital context
  • Differentiator or value proposition of digital immersion

3. Construction of points of sale, customer service and digital service

  • Technological logistics for the alliance with marketplaces
  • Logistics for the implementation of content management systems
  • Logistics for the configuration of your own web pages

4. Search engine positioning

  • Components and functioning of search engines.
  • Information structure
  • Optimization techniques

5. Cybersecurity and digital risk analysis

  • Information structure
  • Authentication systems
  • Security plan
  • Technological processing of personal data

6. Information processing

  • Planning, collection and management of own data
  • Third party data management
  • Use and organization of data from public sources

Este curso es parte delprograma Comunicación estratégica para negocios digitales Professional Certificate

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