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JaverianaX: ¡Luces, celular y acción! Crea contenidos audiovisuales de impacto

Participants enrolled in the audited route who meet 80% participation in the program will receive a free certificate issued by the Javeriana University in alliance with Google. If you wish to receive this certificate, register and fill out the active form in the course. Likewise , you can manage the paid certificate with Edx for the reference value published on this site.

All content of the academic program is an effort between Google and the Pontifical Javeriana University.

This course seeks to introduce the fundamental concepts and tasks to create, manage and disseminate creative content through a smartphone as the main production tool.

¡Luces, celular y acción! Crea contenidos audiovisuales de impacto
4 semanas
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This course is structured in 10 lessons articulated by: Concepts and principles, Technique, Tool and Strategy, with the purpose of guiding you from the basic tasks for the conception of the content to share, to the recognition of intellectual property, audience analytics and monetization as key factors of the digital audiovisual product.

Smartphones, with their capabilities and features, along with applications and social networks are part of our daily lives, they have made access and connectivity massive; and on the other hand, they give us the possibility of creating and transforming the interactions that we have and those that those who produce and market their products and services have; and the general public, with the purpose of carving out a place in the market.

Tools like YouTube offer a series of tools and advantages for sharing audiovisual content, which allow:

- Communication with audiences and clients.

- Tell stories that provoke emotional responses.

- Create a community with global reach.

- Present and connect with value propositions and even generate income

The course combines the approaches of design, production and marketing, complemented by key elements associated with law, data science, economics and the visual arts, and offers an approach to the creation and strategic dissemination of creative content, products and services taking advantage of the technical capacity that a smartphone offers today and digital platforms as strategic promotional spaces.

Finally, we will address issues related to legal and financial aspects that ensure the usefulness of the content and its strategic convenience.

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  • Idioma: Español
  • Transcripción de video: Español
  • Habilidades asociadas:Marketing, Value Propositions, Communications, Data Science, Smartphone Operation, Economics

Lo que aprenderás

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- Creative works and their value

- Creation of audiovisual content

- Audiovisual content: pre-production

- Audiovisual content: production

- Audiovisual content: post-production

- Strategic dissemination

- Promotion and growth

- Copyright and publishing policies on YouTube

- Monetization

- Growth and next steps.

Plan de estudios

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Lesson 1. Creative works and their value

  • - Welcome and introduction to the course: the essentials. The creative experience and the audiovisual challenge.
  • - Am I part of the cultural and creative industries (CCI)?
  • - What does sector, ecosystem and value chain refer to in CCIs?
  • - What is the value of what I do? Symbolic value, creative production and artistic vision.
  • - Who is my public, audience, market, client and user?

Lesson 2. Creation of audiovisual content

  • - Narratives and creation of audiovisual content.
  • - The message.
  • - Effective communication.
  • - Storytelling , method and tool.
  • - Value proposition statement.
  • - Analysis and creation of audiences.
  • - Profiles and segmentation.

Lesson 3. Pre-production audiovisual content

  • - Creation of the message: idea, script and audiovisual language.
  • - Transforming your story into images: storyboard , script and audiovisual language.
  • - Content creation strategy: pre-production and planning.
  • - Effective copy.

Lesson 4. Audiovisual content production

  • - Production strategy.
  • - Resources and tools.
  • - Image and movement. Shot, framing and shot.
  • - Image and movement. Camera.
  • - Image and movement. Photography, lighting.
  • - Audio. Sound.
  • - Let's record!

Lesson 5. Post-production audiovisual content

  • - Postproduction Strategy. Recording formats.
  • - Edition and assembly. Editing process.
  • - Musicalization and sound design.
  • - Editing tools.
  • - Analog and digital tricks. Basic visual effects.

Lesson 6. Strategic dissemination

Distribution, circulation and exhibition of audiovisual content.

  • Platform management. Diversity and complementation of platforms and channels.
  • How does a YouTube channel work? YouTubeStudio.
  • Performance and operation. What is measured and how to optimize your channel (SEO) YouTube Analytics.
  • How to take advantage of a YouTube channel?

Lesson 7. Promotion and growth

  • - Marketing of audiovisual products. Brand identity.
  • - Marketing strategies for content creators, campaigns, premieres.
  • - Collaborations and alliances.
  • - Platforms and followers.
  • - Community and fan management.
  • - Interactions and netiquette .

Lesson 8. Copyright and publishing policies on YouTube

  • - Introduction to copyright.
  • - Moral and patrimonial rights.
  • - Licenses and use of third party intellectual property.
  • - Recommendations for publishing content on YouTube.

Lesson 9. Monetization

  • - Monetization schemes on platforms.
  • - Lives announcements ( superchats , donations, stickers ).
  • - Other platforms.
  • - Subscriptions for channel members.
  • - Direct transfers and donations.
  • - Derived products and merchandise.

Lesson 10. Growth and next steps

  • - Escalation.
  • - Long-term content creation.
  • - Trends and future Google Trends.
  • - Certification.

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