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URosarioX: Marketing para emprendedores

A venture without marketing is like walking blind in an ocean of uncertainty. Without marketing there are no customers and without customers there are no sales.

Marketing para emprendedores
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A key to success as an entrepreneur is to obtain income and profits as quickly as possible. Marketing brings together a set of tools that help achieve optimal results in a venture, such as identifying and selecting audiences, determining consumer needs in a profitable way, executing actions that allow captivating new customers and competing in an environment of uncertainty. Marketing has established itself as a driving force for actions that motivate rapid growth in any size and type of company. With the emerging changes in the market, entrepreneurship becomes a source of income that, with the help of marketing, achieves a positive synergy of the efforts required to attract and retain customers.

Entrepreneurs discover the essence of the business in marketing, especially those who do not have knowledge of the marketing, branding and sales strategies they need, as their business evolves. For this reason, the course aims to bring entrepreneurs closer to understanding marketing, its tools and practices, to help them face turbulent environments where it is increasingly challenging to discover and captivate the customer. It is a course where concepts are understood through practical experiences, with the support of the Learning by doing methodology . The participant will learn about new trends in marketing, how to define a growth strategy with a marketing perspective, how to build a marketing plan and how to understand a consumer's purchasing decisions and learn about the strategies involved in attracting and retaining customers. clients in a post-pandemic context.

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  • Idioma: Español
  • Transcripción de video: Español
  • Habilidades asociadas:Marketing Planning, Growth Strategies, Entrepreneurship, Purchasing, Marketing, Sales Strategy

Lo que aprenderás

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  • Know the role of marketing in the development and growth of a business.
  • Understand purchasing behavior and the factors that influence consumer decisions.
  • Identify marketing opportunities that emerge in the competitive environment.
  • Formulate strategies and tactics that make up a marketing plan for a business.

Plan de estudios

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Module 1. Generalities of the marketing plan for entrepreneurs

  • What is marketing?
  • Plan de marketing
  • Marketing plan formulation
  • Marketing detractors

Module 2. Creating extraordinary value through the value proposition

  • Value proposal
  • Segmentation, audience and positioning
  • Effective value proposition

Module 3 . Experience is the brand

  • What is brand?
  • Brand strategy and management

Module 4 . Strategic decisions for entrepreneur marketing

  • Marketing decisions
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing experiencial

Preguntas frecuentes

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Who is the course aimed at?

Entrepreneurs and people without experience in marketing, but who value it for their job growth.

What prior knowledge do I need to take the course?


What is this MOOC looking for?

This MOOC seeks for entrepreneurs to not only identify the essential elements regarding the relationship between marketing and the development of a business, but also to apply what they have learned through activities that they will find in each of the modules.

What elements does the MOOC have?

Throughout the MOOC, you will find various elements such as videos, interviews with entrepreneurs, infographics, podcasts, each element will help you energize and strengthen your learning process.

What information does the student need to know to enroll in the MOOC?

This Mooc is the union between the importance of marketing and its impact on entrepreneurship.

In each of the modules, you will find a series of exercises that will allow you to build your marketing plan.

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