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HKPolyUx: Frailty in Daily Living

A practical MOOC that allows you to experience the assessment and management of frailty in daily life to achieve healthy ageing.

4 semanas
1–3 horas por semana
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Did you know that frailty can affect the quality of life of older people? Did you know that frailty can impose a burden on the significant others of older people? If you are a member of the general public and would like to know about the prevention of frailty and the promotion of healthy ageing, or if you are a healthcare professional who would like to provide the best care for older people and family members in order to combat frailty, this course is for you. The aim of this course is not only to provide theoretical knowledge about frailty, but also to give practical input to help our learners become familiar with frailty and how to manage it.

Frailty is a common condition among older people. It is associated with ageing, which is a trend that is becoming a major concern around the globe. Frailty is not only costly in terms of medical expenses, but also imposes a mental and financial burden on the family members of older people with the condition. A person with frailty is also at an increased risk of disease, disability, and death. However, frailty is reversible. Preventing frailty is an important target in the promotion of healthy ageing.

Apart from introducing concepts related to frailty, this course also provides some practical approaches to help individuals, including the older people themselves, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, to monitor and manage frailty in daily life. Short movies and videos are used for illustration. The techniques introduced in this course for managing frailty can be incorporated into daily life, making frailty easier to manage.

This course is designed for anyone interested in the management of frailty. Taking this course will help you to manage the frailty and promote the health of older people around you.

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  • Idioma: English
  • Transcripción de video: English
  • Habilidades asociadas:Medical Frailty

Lo que aprenderás

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  • The importance of managing frailty
  • Methods of assessing or monitoring frailty and its risk factors
  • Interventions or strategies to combat frailty
  • Managing frailty from elder-centred and interdisciplinary perspectives

Plan de estudios

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Week 1 – What is frailty

  • Theories of frailty
  • Risk factors and protective factors
  • Assessment methods
  • Consequences

Week 2 – Frailty and Cognitive Functions

  • Concepts of cognitive functions
  • Importance of early detection
  • Assessment methods
  • Interventions

Week 3 – Frailty and Nutrition

  • Malnutrition
  • Nutritional related risk factors
  • Assessment tools
  • Interventions

Week 4 – Frailty and Physical Functions

  • Concepts of sarcopenia
  • Assessment tools
  • Interventions

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